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MMA Thirst Watch: Valentina Shevchenko Jumps Into Water, Weirdos React

I mean let’s be honest here, the sport of MMA attracts an odd crowd. It’s not really normal to get off on watching people beat each other senseless in a cage, but we do it anyway. 205 palabras más


UFC 241: Profiling Stipe Miocic

John Locher/AP

Stipe Miocic attempts to become a two-time heavyweight champion at UFC 241.

The most successful and the consensus best heavyweight in the history of the UFC returns this weekend at UFC 241 in Anaheim, California. 976 palabras más


UFC 241: Understanding The Man Called 'Showtime'

Stephen R. Slyvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Anthony Pettis finally meets Nate Diaz this Saturday at UFC 241.

Anthony Pettis returns to the Octagon this weekend at UFC 241, attempting to extend his win streak to two fights for the first time in five years. 1.363 palabras más


UFC 241: 5 Fighters Who Need New Nicknames

Last week was a pretty dead card, but luckily this week features UFC 241, maybe the best card of the year. With some greats fighters, come an opportunity for yours truly to impotently make fun of people and label them with stupid nicknames that no one remembers. 657 palabras más


Rakhsha Bandhan: A bond of love and respect

by Zia Ur Rehman

August 16, 2019

Members of the Hindu community in Karachi, like everywhere else around the globe, celebrated the annual festival of Raksha Bandhan on Thursday. 471 palabras más

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Sorta Breaking News: Conor McGregor is being Conor McGregor

Surprise surprise, the king is back! Just not as you would have originally thought. In a newly earthed clip found by none other than TMZ Sports; Conor McGregor could be seen socking some old gezzer in a Dublin bar because Conor McGregor does that kinda crazy shit on a regular basis. 195 palabras más


Opinion: The Contender Series Totally Sucks

As the ultimate fighter reality TV series slowly died and faded off into the obscurity of TV heaven. A new challenger approached.

Yes, in July of 2017 the Dana White Tuesday night contender series was born! 599 palabras más