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S18 E03 - Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em

Yesterday we got to start the week off on a pretty positive note. And the rest of the week has some pretty good episodes. Today? Well…it’s unique. 1.346 palabras más

Lifetime Of Simpsons

473. Donnie Fatso

Original airdate: December 12, 2010

The premise: 
Homer is sent to prison for attempting to wriggle out of a series of innocuous offenses, and the only way to reduce his sentence is to become an FBI informant and infiltrate Fat Tony’s latest operation. 791 palabras más

The Simpsons

Collecting Pins

The pin and patch collection is getting big! I’m working on getting a cork board to store them <3 Does anyone else out there collect pins? I wanna see collections!

Things I Love

S18 E02 - Jazzy and the Pussycats

Last week we got a surprising amount of solid episodes here on Lifetime of Simpsons. And you know what? That’s kind of repeated this week. Nothing too spectacular, but nothing too objectionable either. 1.291 palabras más

Lifetime Of Simpsons

Someone has turned that Simpsons meme of Homer hiding in a bush into an addictive game

Ever wanted the ground to swallow you up? Well, wouldn’t a bush be slightly more comfortable?

Homer Simpson had the right idea about this, and the moment where he walked backwards into a hedge to hide has now become one of the internet’s favourite memes. 447 palabras más


472. The Fight Before Christmas

Original airdate: December 5, 2010

The premise:
The Simpson family all have their own Christmas dreams; Bart travels to the North Pole seeking to confront Santa regarding an consistently overlooked gift, Lisa confronts her tree phobia with a World War II-era fantasy, Marge wishes for a picture-perfect Christmas courtesy of guest star Martha Stewart, and Maggie imagines up a comedy sketch with her family in puppet form. 886 palabras más

The Simpsons

On The Same Side?

I once watched a “Simpsons” episode when President Clinton and Republican senator Dole were competing to be president; two figures looking like Mr. Clinton and Mr. 81 palabras más