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'Batman' Nearly Caused Danny Elfman To Have A 'Nervous Breakdown'

Danny Elfman sat down to chat with the New York Post ahead of his upcoming show at the Lincoln Center. He’ll be playing some his most memorable movie pieces with a full orchestra, many from his long-running partnership with Tim Burton. 348 palabras más


Getting Caught Up: The Simpsons

I  did not watch The Simpsons growing up. I moved out of the house and found Hulu and then started watching The Simpsons- it is such a cultural phenomenon that I always felt that I should watch it but hadn’t. 213 palabras más

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Rhymes of History Technology

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”- Mark Twain (Earyrs, 1971 p. 121).

Using Twain’s quote (Earyrs, 1972), and drawing from Dr. Thornburg (Laureate Education, 2014h), history has a strong influence on emerging technology. 648 palabras más

Blade Runner

Adorable '90s Pop Culture-Inspired Lip Art

Laura Jenkinson’s adorable lip art, which we first spotted on Ego-AlterEgo, is giving us all of the nostalgic feels. The London-based makeup artist uses eye-popping palettes to recreate pop culture’s most beloved characters as fun lip designs. 136 palabras más


June Favourites

Hello World!

To help you to get to know me (or any average 12-year-old) better, I thought I would share some of my favourites from June. 239 palabras más


Should I Buy Returning 4th of July Premium Content?

Hello readerinos! We received an unusually late update in our games for a 4th of July mini event in the middle of the Sports event we are already playing. 287 palabras más

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