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The sweet apartment deal I fell into has a serious catch in the form of a large comic book guy in the shop downstairs. I kid you not, this guy in 2D has more game. 6 palabras más


Feelin' Fine

I just joined DeviantArt, so follow me if you dare (

Here’s a preview of the kind of junk you’ll find on my page:

The Simpsons

Let's Remember The Times Pop Culture Has Paid Tribute To 'The Shining'

Today The Shining is regarded as both one of Jack Nicholson and Stanley Kubrick’s best films. When it came out 35 years ago this week, however, it was largely met with a lackluster response and even… 724 palabras más


The Simpsons Keep Going - Even Without the 'Voice of the People'

I don’t know if some of you have realized that The Simpsons just completed their 26th season on television.  If that seems amazing, they are already renewed for seasons 27 and 28.   438 palabras más


Terwilliger's Last Update

Hello readerinos! Sorry we are a little late on this one! Yesterday, we received an in-game update that added 5 limited time items to the build menu: 3 comeback items and 2 whole new ones! 98 palabras más

The Simpsons

What's next for the Simpsons?

It would be an understatement to say that the Simpsons has been a part TV viewers life for more than the over a decade. People may argue that the earlier seasons are the best and the later seasons have lost their way. 428 palabras más

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