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Notable TV - 2nd March AEST

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season 2, Episode 17, “Boyle-Linetti Wedding”

Episodes – Season 4, Episode 7

Girls – Season 4, Episode 7, “Ask Me My Name” 58 palabras más

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Moe's Tavern (stage 1)

Ok so before I head into work today I thought I would map out the Moe’s tile.
Here it is, the main bar, the bathrooms and 2 doors, one at the main entrance and the other next to the counter.

"Live Long And Prosper". Five Memories of Leonard Nimoy

The sad news that Mr Spock himself has gone is surely to have hit millions this week. Many people will remember him for his portrayal of the iconic Vulcan in Star Trek, a role which he had occupied for nearly fifty years on screen. 644 palabras más


Minecraft - Simpsons!

I still don’t get Minecraft. I brought it for the PS4 before Microsoft went and brought the company and now seems only to allow the skin packs on xbox. 86 palabras más


17 Simpsons quotes to cheekily work into everyday life

For me The Simpsons ended around season 13.

Anything after that doesn’t count as The Simpsons I watched at 6pm every night, except not on Saturdays during footy season when Channel 10 had the rights to the Saturday AFL matches. 483 palabras más


"Mr. Burns" at Theater Wit: This Century's Dennis the Menace

I have never been so upset in a theatre as I was during the first act of Anne Washburn’s “post-electric” play Mr. Burns, currently in an extended run at Theater Wit in Chicago: The end of the world has apparently come and gone, and a group of weary survivors huddle around a campfire as one of them attempts to recreate from memory the 1994… 2.166 palabras más