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S01 E02 - Bart the Genius

Well, here’s the first regular episode of the series. And it’s a great one. “Bart the Genius” is one of my all time favorites, with classic lines I still regularly quote with my friends and confused strangers. 1.028 palabras más

Lifetime Of Simpsons

Should I Buy The Health Spa or Plastic Surgery Center?

This is week 2 of the Springfield Heights expansion and although this is a permanent addition to the game, we just received an update that adds new items to te build menu. 348 palabras más

Tapped Out

Marge and me

So we have reached the relative calm of the summer holidays. Daughter is out with good friends. Son is turning his eyes square in front of one screen or another. 364 palabras más


10 Most Emotionally Packed Comedy Episodes

Comedy shows are generally made for one purpose and one purpose alone: to make us laugh and forget what our normal lives may be. But when these shows mix emotion into the blend, we get some truly powerful stuff. 1.247 palabras más


I Never Caught That: The Simpsons Eddie and Lou in background out of uniform

Eddie and Lou are minor characters at best on The Simpsons, usually good for a laugh here and there but otherwise not an big part of the main cast of characters. 102 palabras más