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'The Simpsons' Predicted Disney's Acquisition of Fox Almost 20 Years Ago

“The Simpsons” has predicted yet another big media happening. This time: Disney’s massive purchase of 21th Century Fox assets.

In an episode of the popular cartoon titled “When You Dish Upon A Star,” which first aired on Nov. 235 palabras más


'The Simpsons' Predicted Disney Buying Fox 19 Years Ago: 10 Other Times The Cartoon Knew The Future

‘The Simpsons’ said Disney would buy Fox 19 years before it happened! Crazy, right? Check out their other insane predictions, here! 346 palabras más


How The Simpsons Predicted Disney's Takeover of Fox Years Ago

Sorry, Nostrodamus, The Simpsons may be the best prognosticators in the world. The animated series has predicted everything from Donald Trump’s presidency to Siegfried and Roy’s tiger attack to Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance to MIT’s Bengt Holmström winning the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2016, … 159 palabras más

'The Simpsons' Predicted the Disney-Fox Sale Almost 20 Years Ago

At this point, The Simpsons is nothing short of prophetic. The long-running series has correctly predicted so many major world happenings—the Donald Trump presidency, the iPhone, magazine covers, etc.—that we should all just bow down and hand over our freedom to our new animated overlords. 211 palabras más


'The Simpsons' Predicted Disney Would Buy Fox 19 Years Ago

The Simpsons has done it again. Another prediction by the hit animated Fox series has come true.

The prognostication came in a Season 10, 1998 episode titled “When You Dish Upon A Star”. 188 palabras más

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You know, now that we’re rapidly approaching the end of this series, or at least the end of how it works currently, I’m struck with a weird conundrum. 1.633 palabras más

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'The Simpsons' predicted Disney would buy Fox

“The Simpsons” totally predicted that Disney would take over Fox — almost 20 years ago.

An episode called “When You Dish Upon A Star,” which first aired on November 8, 1998, depicted a sign on the front of a building that read “20th Century Fox, a Division of Walt Disney Co.” 221 palabras más