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551. Pay Pal

Original airdate: May 11, 2014

The premise:
Marge melodramatically concludes she’ll never have any adult friends, and not wanting her daughter to suffer the same fate, pays a little girl to spend time with her and pretend to have similar interests. 1.448 palabras más

The Simpsons

An Open Letter to Crazy Cat Ladies

Dear Crazy Cat Ladies,

I’m all for equal rights. I’m really behind the LGBTQI movement and the progressive direction feminism is heading. I have hope we can address the concerns intersectionality raise in an empathetic and articulate way. 404 palabras más

"Vegetables nevermore" at Ript Apparel - June 22

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Quiz: Can you name these random characters from The Simpsons?

We all love watching our favourite yellow family, but just how well do you remember all of the random characters?

You’ve seen the episodes, watched all of the Halloween specials, but when it comes to the smaller one off characters, do you actually remember them? 127 palabras más


Superhero Corner

Behind the Mask, my story from the Pride Publishing MM superhero anthology I Need A Hero, is now available as an early download, with a full release on July 18th. 433 palabras más


S22 E12 - Homer the Father

I’ll be honest right up top, nothing the rest of this week is going to top yesterday’s episode. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the week is lackluster. 1.252 palabras más

Lifetime Of Simpsons

550. Brick Like Me

Original airdate: May 4, 2014

The premise:
Homer wakes up in a world entirely made of LEGO, but he begins to get flashes back to his flesh-and-blood reality featuring he and Lisa finding common ground through building playsets together. 1.016 palabras más

The Simpsons