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This 'Simpsons' Homage Supercut Celebrates The 75th Anniversary Of 'Citizen Kane'

May 1st marks the 75th anniversary of Citizen Kane, arguably the most important and influential movie of all time. Naturally, Citizen Kane retrospectives, homages, and celebrations are… 238 palabras más


Temporary Hiatus + Side Blog Project

I know it has been a scary long time since I actually sat down and published something (I’m like Prince with a secret vault except mine is full of crappy posts), but I am officially on a temporary hiatus until early summer. 118 palabras más

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These beautiful, ultra-trippy new TV idents for The Simpsons will melt your brain

The Simpsons has been given the most insanely weird new idents (Pictures: Laundry/FXX)Feel like you know The Simpsons? You don’t know it like this. The TV ‘toon has been given a nightmarish, psychedelic makeover by a professional graphics company for a series of six new TV idents. 15 palabras más


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Lisa Simpson

We have always been the good girls, you and I, the girls who follow the rules and play nice, the girls who do our homework. You’ve been a witness, a little wiser than others around you, a measure of kindness. 141 palabras más

30 By 30 Challenge