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S05 E06 - Marge on the Lam

Yay, a really funny and great Marge episode! And one where the basic premise doesn’t completely revolve around the family being completely terrible. Yeah, Homer doesn’t come off great in the episode, but it’s not one that just hammers in how shitty of a husband he is. 1.637 palabras más

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S05 E05 - Treehouse of Horror IV

Treehouse of Horror time y’all! And it’s an amazing one. These recaps are always super long, so let’s just dive right in.

The episode starts right off without anyone warning us not to watch this year, and gets right to the graveyard sequence. 1.850 palabras más

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Clown Makeup

I have a Christmas party this weekend.  I bough some new makeup as I ended up with an eye infection last week, and well, I don’t need that pus cycle to continue. 77 palabras más


The Simpsons pays tribute to Paris attacks victims in latest episode

The Simpsons have used their latest episode to pay a touching tribute to Paris in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks which led to the deaths of at least 130 people.  193 palabras más


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 11/24/15

If Marge Simpson were a pin up model, I think she would look something like this sultry lady right here.