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Vampire Diaries Video: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley Attempt to Explain Sybil, Season 8's 'Religious Undertones'

We’re only one episode into The Vampire Diaries‘ final season, and it’s already a mind-screw — and not just for the viewers.

The Vampire Diaries: Final Season Poster Sends Six Feet Under… 235 palabras más


The Vampire Diaries (S08E01) "Hello Brother"

The Vampire Diaries has returned for it’s eighth and final season premiere this past Friday. This weeks episode was a great start to the final season. 424 palabras más

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The Vampire Diaries - " "Today Will Be Different"

WILLPOWER — After learning that someone from Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) past may be Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) next target, Stefan, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Caroline (Candice King) head to North Carolina.  71 palabras más


Why Do We Love Bad Vampires... I mean Boys?

*Author’s Note: I wrote this article when applying for a position writing for a Vampire Diaries fansite back in 2013.  I didn’t get the gig, but found this in my files recently and thought it would be fun to share in honor of the start of TVD’s last season.  544 palabras más


Is immortality just too damn long?

Today’s post is on the topic of vampires.  You might know a little about this guy named Count Dracula, title character from Bram Stoker’s novel.  However, most of what I know about the immortal beings called vampires doesn’t come from this classic novel, but from my love of the show… 383 palabras más


The Vampire Diaries: Season 8 Premiere

It’s the last season. I became a fan of the show early this year and was able to catch up on all the seasons and episodes before its premiered this past Friday. 689 palabras más

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The Vampire Diaries S08E01 Review: "Hello Brother"

The Vampire Diaries is just so silly. I feel they should have just done an hour series finally instead for Hello Brother. TVD is telling us the same story with different supernatural creatures which used to be interesting but every time Damon is mostly the lost brother and I am really disappointed and the new evil doesn’t look so interesting at all. 42 palabras más

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