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Dingy Hotel

Mr Cognition:
Hiding in a dingy hotel, the comfort of going through hell and surviving,
Robbing a bank and accomplishing.
Laughing at amateur pursuer’s and annihilating… 717 palabras más


The Trio!

Ever get sick on your birthday? I did! The stomach bug was going around to all of the residents the past few days and I fell victim to it as well yesterday. 134 palabras más

Young Living Essential Oils

Thieves Like Us

When a civilian once asked me
who in the world of poetry
do you trust, I said
no one. We are always telling
each other lies, I said, creating metaphors… 240 palabras más

3. Literature

Try DIY Tuesday: Homemade Thieves Hand Purifier

Happy Fall, everyone! It is the first Tuesday in October, and here in AZ that means that you can officially say it’s fall- even though it usually doesn’t feel like it! 511 palabras más

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Mondays, I have a love/hate for them!

I LOVE that the kids are back in school and the house is some what quiet. Between the washer/dryer, dishwasher and the 2 dogs our house isn’t every completely quiet. 96 palabras más

Essential Oils

Samantha Dearborn

Meet our team members who are actively performing and using Young Living essential oils in their performing and daily life!

Soprano Samantha Dearborn has performed on stages in the U.S. 330 palabras más

ROILalty On The Stage

Home Security - Defend Your Personal Information Against Identity Thieves

by 4nitsirk
Many identity theft crimes are opportunistic, taking advantage of the times the victims let down their guard, or are careless with their belongings such as wallets, laptops, briefcases and luggage. 14 palabras más