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Thieves Cleaning Kit!

Personally, I love the smell of Thieves and I only use Thieves Household Cleaner in my home.  That was the first step I made to remove toxic chemicals.   336 palabras más

Essential Oils

Beware the Setting Sun

Beware the setting sun
As golden light fades away
The time of danger has begun

The peaceful hours are done
So do not stray
Beware the setting sun… 80 palabras más


We "Snowflakes" Warned Ya

The rest of America,
The America we look at and yawn at,
Elected an asshat,
Yet that moniker doesn’t quite fit

What the rest of America did, 114 palabras más


Cheaters Who Cheat…!! (form writing)


Theft of any kind is so wrong.

If you need to take – take what

rightfully belongs to you…not

someone’s else s property, or… 47 palabras más


Careful What You Drive. Top 10 Stolen Vehicles. Do You Own One of These?

You’ve worked hard for what you own and one of your prize possessions is that new shiny automobile sitting in your driveway. The monthly payment is a bit high, but what the heck, everyone needs something to validate the fruits of their labor. 509 palabras más


Thieves - LP I (Review)

Thieves are a US hardcore band and this is their debut album.

Thieves play dark, violent hardcore. I can’t help but like this kind of relentlessly bleak and abrasive music. 331 palabras más

Black Metal