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Sitting at the center of the post-hardcore revival Nominee, consisting of I Call Fives former member, Chris Mclelland, Thieves former member, Andrew Exchavarria, Cameron Kisel and Stephen Flynn drew influences from past hardships, personal stories, and triumphant battles to showcase their relentless ambition to create an alternative sound that is as dynamic, as infectious.  497 palabras más

The LP Collective


“Regret of the past or anxiety of the future are the thieves of the present.  Just do the next thing. That’s all you have to do.” -James Altucher

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10 Tips to Keeping Your Home Clean

In the last three years, I’ve gotten married, gotten pregnant, and now have a destructive toddler roaming the rooms of our apartment complex. The worst part about living in an apartment is the lack of storage space, which really throws off the whole organizing thing, but I’ve finally gotten on top of the mess. 828 palabras más

Essential Oils


Big sandwich
But who chopped the crust?
I wonder
Let us think
The guy with the curly hair?
That’s superstition


Police Searching For Arlington Thieves Caught On Tape

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ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Arlington are looking for a pair of burglary suspects who they say “did not play nice over the holiday season.” 158 palabras más


Review:Emma and the Silk Thieves By Matthew S. Cox


Its about Magic, Courage and a little girl, Emma.
Emma, is a brave hearted lovely girl, who feels a huge responsibility towards her family and her forest. 65 palabras más