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Don't Breathe (Alvarez; 2016)

The summer movie season of 2016 closes out on a high note with this taut little thriller from writer and director Fede Alvarez, the same man who brought us the Evil Dead remake from a few years back in 2013.   688 palabras más

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Weekend Diffuser Sale

Purchase an essential oil kit this weekend and add a home diffuser to your order. You will get a whopping 15 oils and 2 diffusers!! Gift a diffuser to a friend or keep it all for yourself! 190 palabras más

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Apple is imaginging a future where iPhones can track and identify their thieves

In Apple’s vision of the future, an iPhone can catch its own thief.

According to a patent application filed Aug. 25, the iPhone maker is exploring the possibility of designing devices that covertly capture the fingerprints, photos, videos, and audio of unauthorized users. 211 palabras más

Many a Slip

This year, our jackfruits have been ripening rather late… about a month later than in other years.
Someone got impatient a month ago and stole one of the low-hanging fruit. 429 palabras más

No honor amongst thieves

In his book ‘the Brothers Karomozov’ Fyodor Dostoyevski invents three brothers that serve as archetypes for different facets of the human condition. In this article we’re going to focus on Dmitri Karomozov who is a caricature of man’s romantic passion. 1.094 palabras más


An unlikely pair of thieves caught on camera in Cloverdale

A Cloverdale man was shocked to discover this week that his truck had been broken into.

But the suspects in the case may surprise you. 192 palabras más