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Ali Baba, Or The Forty Thieves PDF

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by Arabian Nights. Though this version of the story is titled, The History of Ali Baba, and of the Forty Robbers Killed by One Slave, we chose to use the shorter and more familiar title, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. 563 palabras más


Nigerian Police Release Names of Mace Thieves  

The Nigerian Police has released the names of the thieves who today led by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege invaded the Senate chamber and stole the Mace. … 40 palabras más


Despite The Thieves

In the sounds that reverberate and echo

From my voice spoken, and my voice restrained,

I, Exist.

With heavy step, heavy brow, squinted eye,

Of disappointment, 81 palabras más

Life Chatter

Share (an acrostic poem) Arise part 2

Sarah eventually got her group to her cabin on the mountain

Her cache of weapons were gone though, and that made her nervous… 68 palabras más

Acrostic Poem

All Things Thieves

As health and wellness are on the rise, you will see many more companies put products on the shelf that appear to be safe and read “all natural,” but are they really all that safe? 156 palabras más

Young Living

Coffee Stains in my cup :-(

Don’t you hate the coffee and tea stains in your cup.  Usually I would put a splash of bleach in there and swirl it around then being careful not to get it on my hands put it in my dishwasher or sink. 61 palabras más


The Crown of Deceit

After she spent her whole life in a castle under supervision, princess Kassiopeia Nefriya was stolen from the autumn ball.
Now, she is under the firm grip of one of the most notorious assassins in the kingdom of Aradis. 163 palabras más