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Search for Stratford Walmart wallet theives

STRATFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying two people wanted for stealing a woman’s wallet at the Walmart in Stratford. 77 palabras más


Sleaziest price fixing still OK in America

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So, um, ask your Congress-critter, lately, what they’re doing about crap like this?

Thanks, Ninja economics


thieves lozenges and new cough drops

My first YL Thieves Lozenge was too strong too but now they’re on my Top-10 list! Getting used to pure essential oils and infused products, like the lozenges, can get your attention when you’re already toxic from surrounding chemicals and medications. 119 palabras más


NEWS: Shocker!! Woman Returns Home To Find Thieves Having S3x On Her Sofa

A woman caught two burglars who had just broke into her house having s*x on her sofa. The victim, Jamie Barnes was entering her home in South Memphis when she realised the door was open after being away for a few days. 131 palabras más


DIY Liquid Laundry Soap

After I figured out how to cut the cost and make foaming hand soap for my household I was feeling empowered and decided to tackle laundry soap next! 210 palabras más


On Sunday Morning...

Yesterday was such a shitty day for me. Not only was it my Monday, and I forgot to make coffee, but that morning, when usually there are no customers until 11 or noon, instead I had what is closer to a Friday afternoon experience. 370 palabras más


NEWS: Omg! See What an Angry Mob Did to A Two Notorious Thieves in Broad Daylight (Photos)

Some suspected thieves have been given the horror of their lives after they were nabbed in the act.
This is the moment some notorious thieves were nabbed and dealt with in Cameroon. 73 palabras más