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My Tales of Istonnia Super Special Bargain Offer

So apparently I scheduled this thing were you offer a book up for free on Amazon, and then I thought, why not, and did a little more scheduling. 153 palabras más

Shameless Self-Promotion

No honor amongst thieves

In his book ‘the Brothers Karomozov’ Fyodor Dostoyevski invents three brothers that serve as archetypes for different facets of the human condition. In this article we’re going to focus on Dmitri Karomozov who is a caricature of man’s romantic passion. 1.094 palabras más


The Pentagon wages war on transparency, accountability, truth and American taxpayers

…The United States is on track to spend more than $600 billion on the military this year — more, that is, than was spent at the height of Pres.

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Welcome Home

My scooter was stolen 14 days ago exactly, from a private driveway. It happens all the time, in Denmark. So much so that the police just have an online form you fill out and submit, so they need spare as little manpower on it as possible, when you report it. 1.221 palabras más


Winners & Losers

Winners and Losers

By Tristan Davidson


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Sarah Heard

The construction site began to wind down. A group of workers were migrating to their cars like a family of elephants. 2.127 palabras más

Short Story

SWIFT to unveil new security plan after hackers' heists


LONDON: The SWIFT secure messaging service that underpins international banking said it plans to launch a new security programme as it fights to rebuild its reputation in the wake of the Bangladesh Bank heist. 410 palabras más

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Manga Monday: Judgement Overman by Higashide Yuuichirou [Quick Review]

This week I’m back with another Quick Review! It’s Judgement Overman by Higashide Yuuichirou!

Plot Synopsis: In the aftermath of World War II humanity was subjected to mutation resulting in the first humans with superpowers appearing in Japan. 102 palabras más