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I hope that before this ends, 

Everything that I’m searching for, 

And whatever it is, this lifelong journey, 

It’ll mean something not only to me,  85 palabras más


Pity party chez moi?

You are invited: Pity Party chez moi… Or not?

Do you believe that most things in life happen for a reason?  Recently, I pondered on the statement ‘everything happens for a reason’ and realise that I don’t truly buy into that.   451 palabras más


Change Your Thinking!

by Hazel Straub

Renew you mind and change how you think. Quit thinking life is too hard. What you honor, you give the top place, in your life. 153 palabras más


Nếu một cái ổ khóa mà chiếc chìa nào cắm vào cũng mở ra được, thì những thứ cất giữ phía sau chiếc ổ khóa đó liệu có giá trị gì không?


The Single Tax

For the past few days or so, my mind has wandered to this whole concept of the single tax. Is it a real thing. I absolutely think that it is. 224 palabras más

What I Think

Drama in Medical School

It is almost Thanksgiving which means it is also the winter holidays. Therefore, it is almost the end of first semester of my medical journey. Today, I’ve been thinking of all the things that took place already. 164 palabras más