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2020 (Part 1)

Awal tahun biasanya diramaikan dengan perayaan besar-besaran di tempat keramaian, tapi tidak diawal tahun ini. Di Jakarta, bencana banjir melanda beberapa wilayah. Beberapa minggu kemudian, kabar-kabar buruk datang silih berganti. 526 palabras más


Is Economics Essential for Today?

“Physicists can explain 99% of all observable physical phenomena using Newton’s three Laws of Motion. Economists probably have 99 Laws that explain 3% of all economic behavior.”

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Changing setting

By the river, Pordenone,

In my hometown. Changing from a big city to a small size town, even if for holiday time, brings a totally new experience. 20 palabras más


Quote of the day for August 4th

Whether you’ve seen angels floating around your bedroom or just found a ray of hope at a lonely moment, choosing to believe that something unseen is caring for you can be a life-shifting exercise.
Martha Beck


Thoughts and Love ❤️

There’s always a thing which you can relate to your thoughts. Like, there’s a link between your thoughts and the things you see around. Its kinda fantasy world we create just by the things , the memories we have. 175 palabras más

Books | "Such A Fun Age" by Kiley Reid

“Despite the fact that they use women to validate themselves, they think they aren’t sexist because the love to objectify women so much. And you’re right.

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Creative Writing

A little ditty

Here she goes again oh oh oh

Falling swaying twirling oh oh oh oh

That sinking feeling oh oh oh oh

You’ve been there once before… 121 palabras más