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On Editing Timelapses....

No matter how many times I do them, or how many tutorials I watch, I just can’t wrap my head around LRTimelapse flicker removal / designated area editing, filter use in the program, syncing keyframes or basically anything else on a semi-regular basis. 17 palabras más


A work in progress

By Jasper Spanjaart

In one of my recent blog entries I called an art exhibition the ultimate form of expressing one’s creativity. Whereas I’m definitely sticking to that original statement, my latest visit to the Photography Museum in Amsterdam somewhat made me change my mind. 316 palabras más

(Wild Life) The Beginning

Wildlife is the expression of non-altered life, or true life. Not changed to be bias, instead it captures the truth to explore the meaning of it. 133 palabras más


After Embarrassing Playoff Loss Texans Fire Coach!

Well that didn’t take long. Two days after being shutout at home 30-0 by the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wildcard round of the AFC playoffs the Houston Texans have fired their coach. 122 palabras más