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PC SSD 2.5" to 3.5" bracket print Timelapse

Blown away at how these brackets came out… didn’t think about the bridging and yet the Raiscube powered through.

These were printed at 60mm/s at 0.28mm layer height, 12% infill and 0.96mm shell… 24 palabras más


Fish Fossilz Timelapse

Great model from Thingiverse, check it out!
Printed with Repetier Host v2 using Cura as the slicer.
0.2mm layer height.
Fully articulated print, each link along the vertebrae is movable. 40 palabras más


Purple Makerbot Timelapse

Sliced in Cura v15.
Printed from SD Card.
Looked a lot better than came out on camera!!


First print Timelapse...

Please forgive my Yoda, my fan shroud had melted so was absent from this.

I sliced in CraftWare to place supports where I wanted (one of them fell down half way through the print) – this was about the 10th print I’d ever done at this point and I have learnt so much since then!!


Things to avoid in your videos

As we all have a blank start line when we begin our foray into videography, photography, drawing or anything creative we always look at the things that inspire us and motivated us to begin creating in the first place. 592 palabras más


TimeLapses with free software

The software that I use for processing and assembling timelapses now (on macOS):

Darktable is FOSS (GPL/CreativeCommons). Very powerful and quite awesome software, with somewhat clumsy user interface that doesn’t look like native app and takes a bit of getting used to, but is quite functional once you get used to it. 36 palabras más