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Chandler Dies, Returns As A Ghost In Weirdest 'Friends' Episode You've Never Seen

Remember that episode of “Friends” when Chandler was hit by an ice-cream truck, dragged for 19 blocks and then died, only to come back as a ghost whose wry wisecracks fall on the deaf ears of his former pals, who can’t hear him in the spirit realm? 97 palabras más



Notebook “amora
From March 6, to September 30, 2016
Hand made notebook with soft cover, 105x150mm
40 90gr pearl paper sheets inside, 105x260mm… 34 palabras más

Kris Jenner Hopes David Schwimmer Wins An Emmy For Playing Her Late Husband: 'I Love That Guy!'

Who’s Kris Jenner pulling for in tonight’s Emmy Awards race?

“I would love to see David Schwimmer win an award because I think he did such a great job,” Jenner told reporters at the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug and Alcohol Prevention Summer Spectacular in Beverly Hills on Saturday, … 156 palabras más


David Schwimmer Reveals 'Friends' Instant Fame Made Him A Messed-Up Recluse: 'It Was Pretty Jarring'

Being cast in “Friends” is about is good as it can get for a young actor just beginning a career, yet the meteoric success of the now-classic sitcom proved to be disorienting for its stars as they grappled with instant mega-fame. 387 palabras más


POETES: Damià Rotger

El següent dels nostres poetes és un autor menorquí especialitzat en tipografia: Damià Rotger.

Damià Rotger Miró (Ferreries, Menorca, 1981). És creador de tipografies, docent i amant i practicant de la poesia. 174 palabras más