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Kris Jenner Hopes David Schwimmer Wins An Emmy For Playing Her Late Husband: 'I Love That Guy!'

Who’s Kris Jenner pulling for in tonight’s Emmy Awards race?

“I would love to see David Schwimmer win an award because I think he did such a great job,” Jenner told reporters at the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug and Alcohol Prevention Summer Spectacular in Beverly Hills on Saturday, … 156 palabras más


David Schwimmer Reveals 'Friends' Instant Fame Made Him A Messed-Up Recluse: 'It Was Pretty Jarring'

Being cast in “Friends” is about is good as it can get for a young actor just beginning a career, yet the meteoric success of the now-classic sitcom proved to be disorienting for its stars as they grappled with instant mega-fame. 387 palabras más


Cultura - Atlântida

Então segue-se uma longa e detalhada descrição de Atlantis. A ilha era montanhosa e rosa direto do mar. Tinha férteis planícies centrais com uma colina central rodeada por anéis de mar e terra que foram criadas pelo Poseidon para proteger seu povo. 269 palabras más


POETES: Damià Rotger

El següent dels nostres poetes és un autor menorquí especialitzat en tipografia: Damià Rotger.

Damià Rotger Miró (Ferreries, Menorca, 1981). És creador de tipografies, docent i amant i practicant de la poesia. 174 palabras más

Russian Futurism

144 Beautiful Books of Russian ‪Futurism‬: ‪Mayakovsky‬, Malevich, Khlebnikov‬ & More (1910-30)