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Eating Oaxaca

Oaxaca, they say, is the culinary capital of Mexico. I was eager to put this to the test.

I am still digesting Mexico City tacos when we arrive and check into our hotel. 1.310 palabras más

On The Road

Bites: Tlayudas

Que onda!

I hope everyone’s had a great week filled with lots of laughs and good memories. Today I’m super excited to bring you guys another ‘Bites’ post. 663 palabras más


La Loba Cantina - Brooklyn

It was a rainy day after the Brooklyn Museum in March. There was water in my boots, my jeans were soaked, and also it was really cold…But that really didn’t matter because all I kept thinking about was trekking from the dirty Jerz to Kensington, Brooklyn for this food and mezcal I wanted to try and I hope that it was worth it. 1.192 palabras más

Hello Birthday @ Madre Oaxacan Restaurant & Mezcaleria!

I’d like to start off this blog post with a special thanks to all the Hello Kitty Foodies who sent birthday greetings, texts, kind words and love! 575 palabras más

Hello Kitty

Vista for a taste of Oaxaca

The story started with 2008, my coworker Bonfilio, an Oaxaca born man who believed his hometown cuisine is the best of Mexican food. He lives in Vista and have tasted all of the restaurants near by that offered Oaxaca dishes. 256 palabras más