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My wonderful (last) day in Oaxaca

I have come to love the slow and easy pace of my annual week in Oaxaca, but towards the end of each trip, in order for me to accomplish all that I want to do when I’m there, I have to push a bit to fit it all in. 1.556 palabras más


I ♥ Tlayudas

Upon arriving in Oaxaca we were thrown into the delicious world of Tlayudas (pronounced: t-lay-ooh-dah). Some people describe them as a Mexican version of pizza, but I don’t think that really does them justice! 591 palabras más


What is a Tlayuda?

Pronounced  tla-u-da, with an emphasis on the “u”, tlayudas are an iconic Oaxacan street snack.  Sometimes referred to as “Mexican pizza” but really more of a flatbread.   105 palabras más