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I ♥ Tlayudas

Upon arriving in Oaxaca we were thrown into the delicious world of Tlayudas (pronounced: t-lay-ooh-dah). Some people describe them as a Mexican version of pizza, but I don’t think that really does them justice! 591 palabras más


What is a Tlayuda?

Pronounced  tla-u-da, with an emphasis on the “u”, tlayudas are an iconic Oaxacan street snack.  Sometimes referred to as “Mexican pizza” but really more of a flatbread.   105 palabras más


Teotihuacan to Oaxaca

Woke up in San Martin and hit up the Teotihuacan pyramids. Really amazing site. Interestingly the Aztecs found the area, they didn’t build it. They don’t know what it was called or who lived there before and Teotihuacan is the name they gave it. 1.671 palabras más

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7 Things To Taste in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a region of Mexico represented by many flavours, and is known throughout
the country, and the world, for some of the dishes and foods attributed to the state. 550 palabras más



It was a Saturday afternoon, I had a bit of a cold. So I settled into my bed to watch cooking shows on PBS. One of my favorites is “Mexico One Plate at a Time,” with Rick Bayless spotlighting a different region of Mexican cooking each season. 724 palabras más