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PART 9: The Siege of Tobruk - April 11th, 1941-November 27th, 1941

WW2 – North Africa 1941

1941 – WW2 Libya

Movie Background:
The Desert Rats (film)
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October 1943

Wrote HAB & PMB

Sent parcel to HAB

Colonel Carter and Brigadier Hillary at El Adem. Camp inspection OK.

Australian airmen bring back bombs. 371 palabras más

Peace in Libya is a comforting lie

Military confrontation and power politics are sketching the hard truth.

Diplomatic efforts by Russia, Turkey and Germany to put an end in Libya crisis are bringing to the global foreground an issue buried since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. 697 palabras más

International Relations

The End Outside Tobruk - 4 December 1941


After two weeks of hard fighting, and two mistaken expectations of victory (see here), 4 December 1941 was the day Panzergruppe packed it in outside Tobruk. 752 palabras más


Tobruk's Minister Lahweej Talks, Poses With Senators And Lawmakers In Rome

(Picture: Tobruk’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdul Hadi Lahweej with a delegation of FDI party. FDI’s Senator and Deputy President of the Italian Senate Ignazio La Russa poses on his left, right in the picture. 757 palabras más


Tobruk May No Longer Consider Italy As A Supporter Of Terrorism In Libya

(Picture: Tobruk’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdul Hadi Ibrahim Lahweej at the conference in Rome, November 6th, 2019. Source: Il Metropolitano)

by Alessandro Pagano Dritto (Twitter: @paganodritto) 771 palabras más