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019. Fii și tu un Toma!

Dacă aș întreba “100 de români” care este apostolul lor preferat, nu cred că s-ar înghesui prea mulţi să-l pună pe Toma în topul preferinţelor, datorită etichetei de “necredincios” pe care i-au atribuit-o unii. 599 palabras más

Gânduri Din Carantină

Top Ten Memorable Tourism Campaigns: 2019 Edition

What a few months it’s been! Teaching, travelling, SuperHost-leading, and my youngest started school … time has flown by. 

Each spring I usually recap a… 877 palabras más

Should I create the English The Way To God website?

Answer: My dear friend, why do you think so much of our communication is in English? :P All of this is part of a bigger plan, that neither of you is, or could be aware consciously at this very moment. 690 palabras más

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¿la pastilla de emergencia tiene el mismo efecto si se toma antes de la relacion sexual?

lo que quiero decir es por ejemplo mi novia se toma la pastilla despues de tener relaciones sin proteccion y despues de un rato volvemos a tener relaciones la pastilla sirve en estos casos? 319 palabras más

¿como se toma el te verde para bajar de peso?

Me gustaria saber como se tiene que tomar el te verde chino,una vez al dia o dos veces?
Quisiera saber si deveras es para bajar de peso? 461 palabras más


Jeshua: My Dear Friend,

I am perfectly aware, that your trust to me is not yet firmly set. I am aware that I do need to prove myself to you, and my worth, periodically. 276 palabras más

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Question: Dear Jeshua, I feel as if I was enlightened – there came clarity, clearness of vision and an ability to hear the Holy Spirit more and more clearly. 581 palabras más

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