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Viva Espana!

As I started writing this, I was actually on holiday in Spain so I figured it was the best time to tell you about my experiences of the country. 988 palabras más



You’re mine – You’re not mine.

A few years ago I attended an outdoor event in Torrevieja. On the brick wall near where I was sitting, I saw part of a mural that I was fascinated by. 198 palabras más

Wisdom Of Life


You’re mine – You’re not mine.

I saw this wall painting a few yars ago in Torrevieja, and was so excited about this drawing. Coming back a couple of years later, the area proved to be locked in by a gate, but I found a way to make a photo. 126 palabras más


Torrevieja in my heart

Having left the cold weather in the Nor(th)way, slippy roads and snow, then it’s real nice  to be met with sunshine and no fear for falling due to icy steps. 28 palabras más


Torrevieja Styles

Andar por las calles de Torrevieja ya tarde, a fines de julio, e ir parando en esquinas y paredes que no conoces, escritas por writers… 107 palabras más


Desde la ventana: graffiti en Torrevieja

Calle Zv 34 desde la ventana: a la derecha tags y throws sobre cemento; más al fondo, algunos pinos y el mar.

Murito que separa y escritura que  65 palabras más


Spain: Torrevieja, All-in-cante!

Hola! ¿Cómo Estás?

And although that may be the extent of my Spanish …

… I found myself walking the extent of Alicante’s coastline.

P.S. if your luggage ever gets stolen, Carrefour is a great place to visit!