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Stella Update 2

Stella is walking, all be it with a slight limp and she is able to jump up and down from the couch and even, when startled by something, runs. 132 palabras más

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Stella Update

Just wanted to update on Stella. She is doing amazingly! Even surprising the vet. She is using both front paws to walk, though it’s clear their is still complications from her gate, she’s able to move around and even run away from that mean, nasty, hubby of mine. 302 palabras más


Toxoplasmosis Scare

Turns out the “cat parasite” toxoplasma gondii that doctors warn you about and why pregnant woman should refrain from scooping the litter box is actually more commonly gotten by eating under-cooked or handling raw meat improperly. 381 palabras más

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Messed-Up Weekend

This weekend was horrible. Thursday into Friday the cold I had had for three weeks and had thought was gone returned with vengeance. At that point though, I refused to call it a cold because all it was (and still is) is congestion, snot, and a cough because of the snot. 2.125 palabras más

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What Harmful Organisms Live in Your Body?

The human body is its own ecosystem; millions of bacteria and organisms call it home. Usually the body exists in symbiosis with these organisms, some of them provide benefit. 746 palabras más

Harmful Organism

Alzheimer's 13 Brain Maintenance Activities

Alzheimer’s cases could nearly triple by 2050. Fortunately, the past few years have brought new discoveries, tests and treatments, plus more effective strategies for brain health. 1.633 palabras más

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The Daily Dose - Is your cat causing your PMS? 

The Daily Dose – From the files of “this research makes absolutely no sense” comes the latest suggestion as to why, ladies, some of you suffer from homicidal-rage-inducing PMS. 251 palabras más