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In a world of ubiquitous parasites, T. gondii is “Mr Ubiquitous”. This obligate intracellular protist is everywhere — resilient oocysts in soil (courtesy of felid faeces) and  436 palabras más


A Very Little War

We live in turbulent times. I was reminded last night that, even on the smallest scale, Mother Nature produces no peaceable kingdoms. While strolling through my rose garden, I became aware of a kind of seething movement beneath my feet. 755 palabras más


International team describes step-by-step progress in battling toxoplasmosis

In the July 14 edition of Scientific Reports (Nature), 39 researchers from 14 leading institutions in the United States, United Kingdom and France suggest novel approaches that could hasten the development of better medications for people suffering from toxoplasmosis. 505 palabras más

Infectious Disease

Feral cats are an overlooked invasive species

A few weeks ago I wrote about invasive species. Usually we think of plants when we use that term, but several animals fit the definition too. 529 palabras más

What are the neurological effects of Toxoplasmosis?

Question: In my microbiology course, I remember learning about a toxoplasmosis infection and its relation to hunting between cats and mice. I would like to know more about the neurological effects of Toxoplasmosis on cats and mice to understand the relationship between the two animals in the food chain, the human relationship and how toxoplasmosis is transmitted. 358 palabras más

Student Article

Babesia Cure?

Yale researchers have found that combining atovaquone and ELQ-334, at low doses, cleared Babesia in mice and prevented recurrence up to 122 days… 458 palabras más

Toxoplasma infection might trigger neurodegenerative disease

Infection with the common parasite Toxoplasma gondii promotes accumulation of a neurotransmitter in the brain called glutamate, triggering neurodegenerative diseases in individuals predisposed to such conditions. 725 palabras más