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Myths Behind the Crazy Cat Lady

All my friends know I’m a cat lady and like to give me new little tidbits of information when they find it or hear about something. 521 palabras más

Sadie's progress

Another week has passed. Sadie is still with me and progressing in tiny bits. She continues with twice weekly vet visits for laser treatments and adequan injections. 589 palabras más


Sadie Update

Last week, Sadie had two blood tests, one for bartonella ( cat scratch fever) and one for toxoplasmosis. The results are back and she is negative for bartonella, but positive and active for toxoplasmosis. 492 palabras más


The Basics Of Toxoplasmosis

What is toxoplasmosis? It is a disease caused by the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, a single–celled organism that can infect most birds and animals. Since it reproduces only in cats, domestic and wild felines are the parasitic organism’s ultimate host. 373 palabras más


Who let the cats out?

 Photo: Byron Chin, Flickr

An open letter to cat owners

I love animals. Just about all animals, especially dogs. I like cats too. But I don’t like irresponsible cat owners, and I don’t like their cats in my backyard, especially when they embark on a terror campaign against my dog and my garden and impede my enjoyment of my own space. 1.002 palabras más


What the hell are opportunistic infections?

When HIV enters some one’s body and set up shop there, the viral population grows bigger with time. The virus uses the CD4 cells (the white cells that defends the body against certain infections) as food. 279 palabras más


Pregnancy rule n°1: Don't Trust The Internet

Being bilingual gives you a serious advantage when it comes to research, which I decided to put to use to see what I could and couldn’t eat/do/ 395 palabras más