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Not only reduce outdoor and feral cats our wildlife dramatically but outdoor cats are also the main vector for toxoplasmosis.

A checked by a vet and contained cat is tge safest cat for their keeper, all other land creatures as for the marine life. 62 palabras más


The Secret Life of Microbes: A Suicide Note for little Rats

Now, if you read my blog yesterday, you might have gotten the first glimpse of the connection of parasites and thought forms that we think might be ours, but actually aren’t. 299 palabras más

Myth or Fact..... If You Are Pregnant, You Can't Have a Cat.

It’s the Cat or a Baby?

By: Dr. Jackie Pulver DVM

If you are pregnant, you can’t have a cat…..This is a common worry with women when they first find out they are having their first human baby. 172 palabras más