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What the hell are opportunistic infections?

When HIV enters some one’s body and set up shop there, the viral population grows bigger with time. The virus uses the CD4 cells (the white cells that defends the body against certain infections) as food. 279 palabras más


Pregnancy rule n°1: Don't Trust The Internet

Being bilingual gives you a serious advantage when it comes to research, which I decided to put to use to see what I could and couldn’t eat/do/ 395 palabras más


Pure intentions

So, this is, apparently, the post many of you have been waiting for… how to deal with dog poo. Owning a dog is not the most sustainable choice, although it’s more sustainable than having children! 1.264 palabras más

Gardening And Growing

CD4 count - Infection - Treatment

  • <200 – Pneumocystis Pneumonia – Cotrimoxazole
  • <100 – Toxoplasmosis – Pyrimethamine + Sulfadiazine (+ folic acid supplements)
  • <50   – Mycobacterium Avium-Intercellulare – Azithromycin


Not only reduce outdoor and feral cats our wildlife dramatically but outdoor cats are also the main vector for toxoplasmosis.

A checked by a vet and contained cat is tge safest cat for their keeper, all other land creatures as for the marine life. 62 palabras más


The Secret Life of Microbes: A Suicide Note for little Rats

Now, if you read my blog yesterday, you might have gotten the first glimpse of the connection of parasites and thought forms that we think might be ours, but actually aren’t. 299 palabras más