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The Toxoplasmosis Superstition: Spontaneous Generation in a cat's asshole is NOT a thing...

Even though everyone may not be a science major, I thought everyone took basic biology in high school and/or college. I guess not. One of the simplest discredited notions that I learned in biology, as well as western civilization, is the pseudoscience superstitious belief in spontaneous generation. 470 palabras más

Conception: preparing your body

The best start for a healthy pregnancy, is a healthy conception.  Two healthy parents who are prepared not only emotionally and financially for the changes ahead, but also physically.  1.353 palabras más


Symptoms of Toxoplasmosis

Wake up, watch cute videos of cats. Happy!

Get up, my cat peed on the floor. Angry!

Clean it, hug my other cat. Comforted.

Cats & babies can coexist!

What are you going to do about your cats? She asked with genuine concern upon hearing about my pregnancy. I won’t name her for the sake of our friendship. 1.431 palabras más

Cud Chewing

Martin Shkreli: pyrimethamine

What is the story of pyrimethamine?

Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, is arguably the most hated man in the US right now. His company bought the exclusive rights to sell Daraprim, the brand name for the generic drug pyrimethamine, and raised the price of the drug from… 571 palabras más


My thumb nail that has been double on the corner for the last 6 years thanks to Wiggle the feral has finally fused! Perks of pregnancy! 340 palabras más


Rehoming your Cat Responsibly

Today’s blog has been written by Sheryl Leonardi, our founder. Amongst other things she deals with all of the rehoming requests for the group, so spends a lot of time advising people on how to rehome their cats safely and responsibly. 1.628 palabras más