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2 common behaviors that  may pass deadly illness to your unborn child

The 40 sensational week’s journey that you will spend with your growing baby during your pregnancy can be thrilling, adventurous and of course full of expectation and excitements. 553 palabras más


There is little historical evidence for a co-operative relationship between man and the natural world.  From stone age hunters to the dawn of agriculture, from the Black Death to the volcanic demise of Roman Pompeii, man and nature have traded attacks, death and demolition through the ages.  608 palabras más


Let's talk about Martin Shkreli.

If someone told you there’d been a 5456% price increase on your favourite bar of chocolate overnight, how would you react?

If the price of Cadbury’s Wispa bars rocketed from 60p to £32.74, I’d be annoyed… 1.805 palabras más


Can a parasite change how your brain works? 

Evolution does funny things

Over millenia of evolution, each creature figures out a way of spreading and procreating. Viruses take over other cells and make their machinery reproduce the virus. 668 palabras más

Dr. Zubcevik Challenges TBI Standard of Care

Dr. Nevena Zubcevik, attending physician at Harvard Medical School and co-director of Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital,, recently spoke at a weekly meeting of clinicians, which was open to the public at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. 601 palabras más



Who needs a vector when you’re Mister Toxoplasma ?
This obligate intracellular protist is everywhere — resilient oocysts in soil, courtesy of felid faeces, and tissue cysts in almost all type of warm-blooded vertebrate (livestock etc.).  435 palabras más

A Very Little War

We live in turbulent times. I was reminded last night that, even on the smallest scale, Mother Nature produces no peaceable kingdoms. While strolling through my rose garden, I became aware of a kind of seething movement beneath my feet. 755 palabras más