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One Dose of Antibiotic for Lyme Disease in Rhode Island

**Please view my comment at end of article** by Lynn Arditi  July 29, 2017  Channel 12 WPRI Eyewitness News video

SOUTH KINGSTOWN — A family-owned pharmacy in this seaside town recently began dispensing antibiotics to people without prescriptions to reduce the risk of developing Lyme disease. 2.510 palabras más


Toxoplasma, Entamoeba histolytica, Amoebic meningoencephalitis & keratitis


Relevant manifestations to consider further:

  • congenital – diagnosis – excellent recent guide 
  • reactivation in an immunocompromised (deficient cell-mediated immunity ) patient  such as someone with advanced HIV – then cerebral abscess (may be multiple), retinitis or pneumonitis (similar picture to pneumocystis) occur – …
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Module - Parasitology

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Where to go from here?

More testing, more phone calls

Why did I ask for preliminary results?

Wouldn’t you knowing my next appointment was so far away?

Two hours of seizing.  98 palabras más

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