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Analyzing the Ads

The Super Bowl is a high-stakes battle for your attention. Advertisers pay up to $5 million dollars for 30 seconds of commercial time. They hope their ads will create buzz and you will remember their product. 252 palabras más

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Security Experts Say That Hacking Cars Is Easy

Automobiles may be getting more advanced, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to hacks.

The latest cars, stuffed with technology that collects driving data and makes keys obsolete, are far “smarter” than older vehicles. 706 palabras más


No Additional Markups at Phillips Toyota

Need a new Toyota? Then come to Phillips Toyota, where the customer always comes first. 70 palabras más

Phillips Toyota

Toyota Uses Comic Characters To Persuade You That The Prius Is Sexy

The Toyota Prius doesn’t have a reputation as a sexy or exciting electric hybrid. Words like “responsible,” “environmentally conscious,” and “prudent” more accurately describes the car and its owners. 446 palabras más


Rash of Catalytic Converter Thefts Reported by Eagle Rock Prius Owners

Prius owners in Eagle Rock were outraged on Monday over a recent rash catalytic converter thefts. Steve Kuzj reports from Eagle Rock for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Monday, Jan. 25 palabras más

Local News

Prius set for Super Bowl-sized ad spot Feb. 7

In III, a cocky young gunslinger guaranteed and then delivered a victory to bring an unlikely trophy to Broadway.

In XVIII, a shifty running back in silver and black reversed field to stun Washington and to raid a title for L.A. 308 palabras más

Public Relations

Hyundai drops first official images of its Prius-fighting Ioniq

By now, you might have heard a thing or two (or three) about the Ioniq, Hyundai’s Toyota Prius fighter.

Continuing the almost endless flow of new information, Hyundai has given us a slew of new details and images over the Ioniq. 197 palabras más

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