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The exact  quote is : ” She gets coffee from the Starbucks on Raylan Street.” The quote is from the movie series  “The Five ” Season 1. 626 palabras más


Few people know it, but I’m a king. Subsequently, a king must have a domain they rule over. My kingdom exists through material items I’ve collected thought my life that hold value in shaping my passions and hobbies. 1.700 palabras más

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2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Limited

Hyundai’s Ioniq takes hybrid competition up a notch … 

Hybrids are beginning to come in all shapes and sizes. Toyota’s Prius remains the dominant player, but like a college football player moving up to the NFL, the Prius’ will be facing stiffer competition. 1.366 palabras más

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electric vehicles in Australia, a sad indictment

(this is reblogged from the new ussr illustrated, first published August 15 2017)

I must say, as a lay person with very little previous understanding of how batteries, photovoltaics or even electricity works, I’m finding the ‘Fully Charged’ and other online videos quite addictive, if incomprehensible in parts, though one thing that’s easy enough to comprehend is that transitional, disruptive technologies that dispense with fossil fuels are being taken up worldwide at an accelerating rate, and that Australia is falling way behind in this, especially at a governmental level, with South Australia being something of an exception. 1.203 palabras más


2017 Toyota Prius Prime - A Hybrid that's Cooler than You Think

It All Started with the Prius

I can trace my first attempt at reviewing a car to when I was a college freshmen taking English 1301. 1.300 palabras más


The test: Is it better to save fuel or get there earlier?

When you’re running late, there’s always that temptation to put your foot down on the gas pedal just a little more to make up some time. 467 palabras más

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First Drive: 2018 Toyota Camry

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI – The eighth-generation Toyota Camry is all-new and, as noted, it is not your granddad’s car. There are – gasp!– now two-tone paint jobs and a red leather interior, but it is not as gaudy as it sounds. 988 palabras más

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