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P.M.R.Bonez88's Transformers the last knight trailer reaction/review

My reaction to the trailer of Transformers The Last Knight. Michael Bay’s fifth and probably his last and hopefully it’s better than the other Transformer films that we’ve seen and were a BIG disappointment.

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Transformers: The Last Knight


I have a love for these Transformer movies. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, maybe it’s the designs, maybe it could even be the action. 390 palabras más


Transformers 5: The Last Knight Trailer Promos Bumblebee Vs Optimus Prime

Transformers 5: The Last Knight is going to once again feature Michael Bay’s explosive prowess. But there is one thing that is more explosive than car chase, car crashes and robot explosions. 29 palabras más

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Transformers Combiner Wars: G2 Aerialbots Box Set by Hasbro, Part 1: Silverbolt and Powerglide

I was expecting to have the third wave of Titans Return Deluxes to start looking at today, but UPS had other plans and they won’t arrive until tomorrow. 1.077 palabras más

Optimus Prime returns for medieval battle in Transformers: The Last Knight

“We’re not giving up, okay?”

Director Michael Bay turned around the Transformers franchise with his fourth installment in the series, Transformers: Age of Extinction.  His film served as not only the action-packed, fun romp you’d expect, it also showed off some of the best use of 3D special effects we’ve ever seen.   185 palabras más