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Generations Combiner Wars Menasor

Héi ass den baal ferdegen Menasor ët fehlt just nach den Brake-Neck fir ën Komplett ze maachen. Hien gesäit gudd aus, mee kënnt an mengen Aan nik und den Generations Combiner Wars Superion run… 32 palabras más


"Transformers: Devastation Official Playable Characters Trailer"

Transformers is back with a new video game but with its old school style that brought it to life all those years ago. Play as Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, SideSwipe, Megatron, and others in this action pack filled game. 6 palabras más

Video Games

podcast 015: Interview w/ Toy Designer Joe Allard MOTU/TMNT/G.I.Joe and more for TLS/MONDO/Sideshow and more!ndo and sideshow

In the latest episode of the Nerdrahtio podcast we discuss Joe’s past work with Sideshow (including an unreleased pimp daddy Destro) Mondo (, the1/6 scale turtles)  and his ongoing work on The Loyal Subjects action vinyl lines. 399 palabras más


Transformers Combiner Wars: Blades by Hasbro

It’s Transformers Thursday on a Friday, folks, because I spent a little too much time at The Pub yesterday to work on any content. Fortunately, I’m doing my drinking at home today so we’re all good and I’m even going to bump my planned Feature for today to tomorrow so I don’t miss anything. 1.037 palabras más

The Toy Store

Aside from Disneyland, I think the next happiest place for most of the kids (and kids at heart) is the toy store. Here is my daughter and niece during the newly opened branch of… 116 palabras más