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#75: A Bumble Bee Story (July 3,2015,Friday)

Messages are sent but not meaning.

This is what I have learned in college as taught in our Communication Theory and early today, I got an epic reminder of this. 236 palabras más

365 Days Of Blessings And Beyond

Transforming more than the language

tran(t)sˈfôrmər/ noun

noun: transformer; plural noun: transformers

  1. an apparatus for reducing or increasing the voltage of an alternating current.
  2. a person or thing that transforms something…
  3. 430 palabras más
Mom For Hire

Transformers Generations IDW Skywarp

Den Hasbro Generations IDW Skywarp, hien ass een simplen awer besseren Repaint vum Generations Fall of Cybertron Starscream am géigensatz vum TakaraTomy’s Skywarp also fannen ech emol an och hien kënnt mat engem IDW Comic Exclusive Cover. 32 palabras más


The Coin-Op Question: What is The Best Movie-Game Tie-In?

Real Talk By: KJ

Videogame releases coinciding with their movie counterparts, well, is rarely a success. Usually it’s because the game is rushed to drop on the same day as the flick. 180 palabras más

Real Talk

The Top Ten Toys of the 1980's

“Leaving the things that are real behind,
Leaving the things that you love from mind,
All of the things that you learned from fears,
Nothin’ is left for the years.”

463 palabras más

Fortress Maximus - The Definitive Review - Transformers Encore

Let’s get straight to it, my tiddlypeeps. We all know the story of Fort Max – you’re just here to convince yourself that the toy is worth dropping some serious coinage on. 1.217 palabras más

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