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Learn One Thing: National Grid

It’s usual to remember that the National Grid (NG) is a network of wires stringing together all the power stations in country to all the consumers in the country. 193 palabras más


Transformers - My Exploits at Emerald City Comicon #ECCC

Signed by Andrew Griffith

Signed by Livio Ramondelli & Andrew Griffith

Signed by Livio Ramondelli

Signed by Livio Ramondelli & Andrew Griffith

Signed by Livio Ramondelli… 346 palabras más

Comic Cover Art

Shia LaBeouf's Qualms w/ Transformers & Michael Bay

Shia LaBeouf is interesting. He’s able to finance his current artistic endeavors because of his work on the likes of the Transformers franchise, but that hasn’t stopped him from turning on the robotic series and its director with some biting comments. 389 palabras más


My Geek Box April 2015 Unboxing: Alliance

Alliance mostly means anything from the good side of any media. Not always true, but this month we will be getting some items from the righteous people.



WTF @ TFW - 351 - April 9 2015

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The most tired Vangelus and the most healed Seth Buzzard drop some armbars and star some sabres.


"It's Why People Don't Pick Their Nose on CNN": Words of Wisdom From Shia LaBeouf, Producer

I would’ve been at the Tribeca Film Festival work-in-progress preview for the new Alma Har’el movie LoveTrue no matter what. I saw her last film, … 882 palabras más


The Color of My Fandom

There is a marked difference between the things that I collect and the things that my husband collects. He likes Transformers, big bad robots that look like they can kick ass without breaking a sweat, sexy anime figures with sleek lines and high detail, and gory McFarlane type figures that will give you nightmares. 272 palabras más