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Popularity In Choosing Reconditioned Manufacturing Parts and Equipment

There are so many reasons to consider buying used reconditioned electrical equipment to replace or repair equipment within your manufacturing facility.  Feeling confident when purchasing refurbished and reconditioned electrical supplies is simple; the market demands high quality equipment and that is what you can expect out of electrical equipment that has been reconditioned. 475 palabras más

Transformers SDCC 2012 Bruticus Giftset Brawl

Hei ass den Brawl vum SDCC 2012 Bruticus Giftset an ech fannen hien nom Onslaught déi schwächesten Figur vum Set well den Alt an Robot Modus einfach vun denen aaneren Nik esou am Design eranpasst. 32 palabras más


Transformers Revenge of the Deceptions

Een Comic mat villen gudd als och schlecht Iwerraschungen.

Transformers Revenge of the Decepticons

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Format: Mini-series
Publication date: November 10, 2010 – April 13, 2011… 120 palabras más


Transformers Prime Skullcruncher: G1 Nostalgia

Skullcruncher was a Decepticon in Transformers Generation one. He transformed into a pinkish-red and dark-green robot alligator – not a crocodile, his upper jaw is wider than the lower one, and the lower jaw’s teeth are obscured when his mouth is closed… Herpetological concerns aside, he was a brutish and feral (although not stupid), Decepticon, used as muscle and cannon fodder by various post-Megatron Decepticon leaders like Scorponok and Bludgeon. 1.007 palabras más


Queen of Robots: The Podcast!

So I’m running a new experiment now with podcasting. Let’s face it, blogs are kinda dead. And with a blog, it’s hard to stand out in a crowd amongst a zillion other bloggers without something really new to offer. 280 palabras más

Mega Man

Check out this Video of What's In the Shop!

B and Aaron are talking about what’s new in the shop!
Check out this video by Crushed Toys Production on YouTube!


PE DX-01 RC Motobot

My recent haul from craigslist. Sometimes strangers may end up as good friends because of the same hobby.

3rd Party