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[G1] Cultural Differences

Cybertronians were weird. Even for aliens, they were pretty weird.

Chip should know. He’d spent enough time around them to pick out a few of their quirks and idiosyncrasies. 466 palabras más


[MTMTE] Miscalculation

This was a mistake.

That was the last thought that crossed Star Saber’s processor before he was engulfed in an intangible pain, and he collapsed to the decking beneath him. 264 palabras más


[IDW] Don't Get Caught

It wasn’t a blessing, just a warning.

“Don’t get caught,” Jazz had said. He’d given Bee a knowing look and then turned the other direction, giving Bumblebee his back, all but giving him permission. 319 palabras más


[MTMTE] Steady Now

He can’t ventilate.

His fingers are shaking. His knees are wobbling. There aren’t any errors on his HUD, but he’s quite sure something is wrong. 339 palabras más


[MTMTE] Professional Courtesy

Every action has a meaning. Every word has a secret message. Every smile, every laugh, every coy glance, flirtatious wink and furious scowl…

Actions are roadmaps of behavioral origins. 375 palabras más

Rated T

[IDW] Winners and Losers

He’d had to bribe three guards for this opportunity and convince a fourth to disable the audio recording.

Starscream didn’t care if anyone knew he’d come here. 522 palabras más


[G1] Good Boy


He knew this game. He loved this game.

Sunstreaker’s engine purred as he tilted his helm back, parted his lips, and stuck out his glossa. 356 palabras más

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