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Salma Hayek Reveals How Donald Trump Allegedly Asked Her Out, and It's Gross

Remember how Salma Hayek claimed she turned down a date with Donald Trump? Now, the actress is offering up the story straight.

During a Thursday appearance on… 471 palabras más


Trevor Noah's Harrowing Childhood Under Apartheid — and How His Parents Risked Arrest to Have Him

Trevor Noah understands firsthand the negative impacts of racial segregation.

The 33-year-old Daily Show host was raised in South Africa during a time period when apartheid — a system of institutionalized racial segregation and discrimination — was enforced. 372 palabras más


Daily Show Host Trevor Noah's (Unexpected!) No. 1 Flirting Tip: 'Never Open with a Joke'


Trevor Noah has been open about his struggles with women and dating in the past — so how has his game evolved over the years? 341 palabras más


Trevor Noah Reveals First Question He'd Ask Trump: 'Was This a Prank and If So How Much Can We Pay You to End It?'

Could Donald Trump be persuaded out of the presidency? The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah thinks so.

The president returned to his hometown of New York City on Thursday for the first time since taking office in January.  227 palabras más


'He Can't Take a Joke': Hasan Minhaj Rips into 'Liar-in-Chief' Donald Trump at WHCD

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner wasted no time addressing the “elephant that’s not in the room,” as event host and The Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj put it Saturday night: President Trump’s refusal to attend. 1.874 palabras más


Sean Spicer Treats the White House Press Corps Like a Bunch of Kindergarteners on The Daily Show

School is in session at the White House.

A new video from The Daily Show features real footage of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer… 164 palabras más