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What to do when you realize you are burnt out, but can't afford to quit

YOU make a plan.

IN February 2019 I realized something was horribly wrong. I was depressed and had been depressed for months but did not know why. 511 palabras más

Our Nomadic Summer

I feel a little disingenuous using the term ‘nomadic’ to describe our summer! It implies something a little more alternative- perhaps traveling around in a camper van or a tent- than what our reality actually entailed: staying with friends and family. 1.257 palabras más

Thoughts On Life

Day 7: Beautiful sunset #999?

I know, I know… enough with the sunsets!

But can you really, truly ever have enough of them?

This evening’s was/is spectactular. Remember the reds and vibrant colours I mentioned yesterday? 88 palabras más


China (Beijing) flight sale

Some good prices to Beijing right now on American Airlines around Halloween


Chicago – $500

Los Angeles – $300

New York  – $450


Kelsey Grammer Opened A Taproom In The Catskills But Nobody Is There

According to press releases, Grammer made an appearance, serving his beer to in-the-know attendees at the soft opening of Faith American.

Source: Forbes.


Tips & Tricks to make a Long Distance Relationship work

As mentioned in the post “The ‘Blondee’ behind the Bible” my boyfriend plays hockey in Europe during the winter months which means we do long distance for 6-7 months out of the year. 1.450 palabras más

San Francisco.

The San Francisco bit of the trip started off with probably the weirdest experience of travelling I have ever had – domestic flights within the States.. 2.174 palabras más