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Hobbies You Can Take In 2019

With the commencement of 2019 we made some resolutions ,set up certain goals–things we want to achieve ,things that we want to avoid. Every year we make commitments about our work ,our health  but little we thinks about the things that we can do in our free time that can actually be beneficial to us.We are so entangled with our daily life that we sometime forgot the real meaning of life that is to be happy.So why not do something that makes you happy for a while.Having a hobby is truly essential for your mind and body.  379 palabras más


Amerika 🇺🇲 Ab nach Hawaii

Hallo ich lebe noch! Zwar angedatzt durch Karneval in Rio und ne harte Zeit mit dem Tobiasch. Aber da ich jetzt wieder alleine bin, habe ich Zeit wieder zu tippen. 828 palabras más


San Cristobal de las Casas

Our Take

While traveling, Bia and I were turned on to making a stop in a remote mountain town, central of the southeast Mexican state of… 1.831 palabras más


Monday 18th March 2019. Storm in a Teacup.

I probably wouldn’t have worried too much about storm Gareth, holed-up in the cottage with it’s rattling windows and banging roof, and yet secured by solid Gometra-stone walls. 823 palabras más


5 Exotic Bike Adventures For 2019

Here are 5 rides in exotic locales that should inspire the most jaded cyclists

Source: Forbes.


Weekend in Review: Bath

This week, Meg discusses her recent trip to Bath for the weekend! Highlights include the Roman baths, the modern thermal baths, the Jane Austen museum, restaurant suggestions, and more! 14 palabras más