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Most Hysterical Names For Places

In Canada, there is a town named “Dildo.” Apparently, there must be a shortage of men. 



When in New Orleans

I wanted to experience the traditional culinary scene

thus I ordered one with fried oysters

another with fried shrimp

and one with roast beef… 27 palabras más

Most Hysterical Names For Places

In Norway, there is a town named “Hell.” I’m surprised it’s not in Ohio. 


Bright Beach Day

Bright Beach Day By Russell Ashi , oil on Canvas  70 x 50 cm


Prints Available


Leap Card

The Leap Card is a convenient way to pay for public transport services in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford. It saves you carrying change and Leap Card fares are usually  563 palabras más


Hey May: Living a freelancer's life and other things

Employed. Employment. Employability. Who knew such a simple word could represent the value of a life’s worth and the basic requirement in the working contemporary world. 1.036 palabras más