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Touring Hong Kong on a 12 Hour Layover

It’s definitely doable, even though some people will surely think you’re crazy and will try to talk you out of it, as they did to me and my husband. 1.457 palabras más


Cliffs, Cats & Valencia

Before departing to Valencia

K and the Cliffs

Walking around hand in hand with K, I saw more of the countryside near Tangier city than I had dared to do alone. 5.294 palabras más

The quiet part of Majorca

Majorca was one of the first holidays I went on as a child. It holds the best memories I had as a child so choose this place to go on holiday because of its calmness, it’s tranquility, it’s history that is relatable to mine. 69 palabras más

Meet Your Istanbul Expert!

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I am Layla.

Born and raised in Lebanon, I spent a great part of my life as a scout, and that is how I became fond of adventure, new experiences, nature, and planning. 199 palabras más


Top 3 Things to do at Mount Cook

So you’ve made the long trek to South Island, and if you’re like
most, you’re probably staying in Queenstown and getting flooded with activity
options at every corner. 519 palabras más