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Roaming Essaouira

I have now been out of Australia Roaming about the planet since February 2019. Starting in Malaysia and the island of Borneo, then Thailand followed by South Korea, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Portugal. 1.697 palabras más

Less than 50 days, I repeat, LESS THAN 50 DAYS.

So, things have been really quiet around these parts lately. But I can assure you we’ve been working away behind the scenes getting everything ready for our trip. 1.073 palabras más

Banff National Park and Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada

Evening wildlife tour.

The last morning of the trip we got up early to make the 5 hour drive from Jasper back to Calgary to catch our flight. 1.613 palabras más


Vegan Currywurst and Garbage in Kew

It was Kew the Music at the weekend and we got the chance to see Garbage who put on an amazing show and we also got the chance to try Vegan Currywurst and fries from… 27 palabras más


Jogle Blogle - Days 58 & 59

Coastal scenery. Nice if you can get it. And Steve and Sue can! In bucketloads. Or in spades if you like. Well, they are at the seaside. 250 palabras más


Travel Bucket List. Revisited.

It’s been over a year since my last post about traveling. It’s time to revisit and see if any of my plans came to life. 160 palabras más


YO! Sushi Vegan Lunch

Monday was a lovely day to sit by the river and enjoy the sun in Richmond, London and it was also Blue Monday at YO! Sushi. 79 palabras más