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Can You Become a Digital Nomad? |

“Digital nomad” has become a favorite buzzword over the past several years, thanks to the burgeoning trend of remote working and the universal desire to travel. 102 palabras más

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11 Things That Make Me Thrive

  1. My mom’s home cooked meals and family dinners
    • There is nothing quite like the taste of home. We all have a special meal that reminds us of the important things in life – family, friends, and faith.
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Eight Months Into My Trip Around The World

For those that are actually keeping track—mom—I didn’t do a seventh-month recap. Mainly, nothing has really changed from the month before. I was traveling: I went to New York, France, Spain, and then back to Moldova and Hungary. 525 palabras más

Six Months Into My Trip Around The World

The six month mark has passed, and I’m still away from home. The bizarre part is, I don’t quite remember what home feels like or worse, what is home for me. 559 palabras más

Five Months Into My Trip Around The World

It’s been a rather strange fifth month. One of the perks of traveling alone is the ability to go and do what you want, when you want, for however long you want. 704 palabras más

Four Months Into My Trip Around The World

I’m fucked, but part of me was like “at least I have another eye.”

I have finally gotten sick. I think it was a matter of time and as expected, I got sick in South East Asia.

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Three Months Into My Trip Around The World

I still love it, but the fervor is gone

After three months in, my journey feels different. Even though my main stressors are deciding where to go next, where to eat, or whether to visit a local temple that seems far, it feels as though the trip has plateaued.

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