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Baltimore Rages

Baltimore Rages

Yesterday on April 25, 2015, insane and escalated scenes broke out in downtown Baltimore. What started off as an orderly rally to demonstrate the serious frustration of the loss of another Black man in the arms of an officer quickly turned into graphic scenes of destruction and violence. 261 palabras más


Waarom Zuhal Demir (N-VA) voor P-magazine koos

N-VA-kamerlid Zuhal Demir wist goed wat ze deed toen ze poseerde voor P-magazine. Althans dat beweert psycholoog Geert Vernimmen. “Tuurlijk gebruiken Demir en N-VA dit om meer kiezers te beïnvloeden.” 274 palabras más


Accessory Trend: Side Handle Clutch Bags

Clutch bags, we love them! They are THE go-to accessory for those special outings. Not only are they easy to carry around but, they come in assorted shapes, sizes, and colors. 161 palabras más