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Authentic Tres Leches with Meringue Frosting!

I made this cake for my mom’s 56th birthday party and OMG did she love it! She is a die hard chocolate fan, even in cakes, but went crazy for this cake. 579 palabras más


¡Going to the Market!

Hi Y’all! This week I want to talk about a few of the Mexican markets or grocery stores that I have visited. The first one I want to tell you guys about is El Guero Market. 219 palabras más


Tres Leches cake

My Honey & I had dinner at Chuy’s, a mexican restaurant, tonight. Meals were good but check out our desert. So yummy!


MEX: Where to Eat Tres Leches Cake

You might be surprised by my answer, but my favorite tres leches cake in Mexico City is sold by a franchise called Tres Leches La Casita… 208 palabras más


Tres Leches Cake

Now this is a first!

For Americans/Canadians, this is probably a very common cake, but for us down-under, it’s very rare!

I for one have never heard of it, never seen it at restaurants or cafes, and no one I know has heard of this cake. 105 palabras más

Birthday Cake

Tres Leches (y Cupcakes de Tres Leches)

Una de las ventajas de crear un blog de recetas, es que te obliga a investigar un poco más acerca del origen de cada una de ellas. 1.235 palabras más


Tres Leches with Shortbread

If you have a sweet tooth, you will probably love the taste of tres leches. It’s Spanish for “three milk” because it’s made with condensed milk, evaporated milk and whole milk. 147 palabras más