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One Cake, Two Stories

My Mother’s Day was very nice, this past May 13th.  At church, flowers were given to all the women in attendance, after the service (mine shown in this post.)  At home, I enjoyed a nice lunch, followed by a slice of homemade old-fashioned cake; I could not make up my mind between two flavours I wanted, so when my daughter was assembling the cake, she cut it in half vertically, and divided a large batch of buttercream icing, to create a “half-and-half” cake: 955 palabras más


Classic Tres Leches

Hoping all you amazing mommas had a very happy Mother’s Day today! We had a blast! Luke was actually scheduled to be working today, but last minute, he was able to arrange having the day off… so glad he did! 631 palabras más


Cinco Leches Cake (& a secret ingredient)

I have a hard time liking what I make.

Not because it’s not good. It is! My friends and family and random strangers who I share my wares with all enjoy what I make. 553 palabras más


Coconut Almond Tres Leches Cake

It’s almost Cinco de Mayo! In America we celebrate this holiday as if it is our own celebration. It’s so fun to have tacos and margaritas and chips and guac and everything else that comes along with Cinco de Mayo celebrations. 535 palabras más


Malted Tres Leches Cake, Two Ways

Remember Ovaltine? As a kid, my grandmother used to keep a big glass jar of it in her cupboard for those icy winter evenings when the grandkids would come in, rosy-cheeked and famished from sledding and skating in the backyard, ready for a snack. 471 palabras más


Zuzu Tapas Restaurant, Napa, CA

We only went out to eat once while in Napa, preferring to cook at home. But our one meal out was definitely a home run.  605 palabras más


Triple Layer Tres Leches Cake

It’s official. I am now in my late 20’s. It’s probably not that monumental but I should probably be out of my quarter life crisis and have my shit together. 744 palabras más