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Cerveza Tres Leches

With a work BBQ coming up, I took the opportunity to try making a new dessert! Tres Leches came up as a favorite dessert among some of my coworkers but it did not grab me at first as a good BBQ dessert. 588 palabras más


Tres leches cake 

Happy Fourth of July! I’m doing the most un-American thing and blogging about a tres leches cake I got from a Mexican bakery this past weekend while I probably should be blogging about a homemade apple pie…but that’s okay! 245 palabras más


Easiest Tres Leches Cake

I had dreams of grandeur while preparing to make Tres Leches for my work “Cinco De Mayo” pot luck. I did the research. I had mentally prepared to separate egg whites from their yolks. 379 palabras más

Wanna Be Foodie

Conquering 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining

Nowadays, it is not very uncommon to turn residential houses into food establishments. Among the many restaurants that came about from the same path is 13 Ubay St. 660 palabras más

Casual Dining

Tres leches cake.......minus the leches

Tres leches cake gives me life.

Every time I order lunch from the local Spanish restaurant across the street from work, I always include a slice for dessert. 169 palabras más

Cooking & Recipes

Tres leches cake with summer fruits

…a Latin-American cake consisting of 3 types of milks (tres leches) 395 palabras más