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What's good advice to help you get into your first choice college? Just pretend you are a citizen of China and pay full price!

Some 400 college and university presidents belong to the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration – see here – which advocates for ever more international students. 777 palabras más

Government Reform

The Convergence of Brexit and Covid-19

Little has been made of Brexit since the UK ceremoniously left the EU on January 31st and entered into a transition period. Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, multiple rounds of negotiations on the future trading relationship have taken place, with round three having culminated earlier this month. 1.803 palabras más


Yes Virginia, "one million active U.S. COVID-19 cases" is a lie!

Want to be frightened by phony statistics – repeated daily without ever checking the source?

Pick a number, any number, twist it, turn it, feed it to the gullible, everyone from Barney Fife to Donald Trump. 1.154 palabras más


Interview with One Radio Network Host Patrick Timpone

This week I was interviewed by the host of the One Radio Network Patrick Timpone. During our conversation we covered a range of subjects including digital currencies and the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. 36 palabras más


The coronavirus pandemic a psyop and a preplanned worldwide population control experiment?

The first thing we should ask ourselves is, is there really an ongoing worldwide pandemic that we should be overly worried about? It doesn’t look like there is. 1.749 palabras más


Trump Put On Hit List

Beware President Donald Trump! The world’s most powerful organization, the secretive Trilateral Commission, just put you on their hit list. More from Lisa Haven.

On The Front Lines

The Trilateral Commission: Using Crisis as an Opportunity to Reform, by Steven Guinness

With outfits like the Trilateral Commission, any “reform” is merely putting the old wine of globalism in new bottles. From Steven Guinness at 1.831 palabras más