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Hinipuan ang natutulog na pasahero

Masisisi niyo ba ako kung nabighani ako sa cutie na to? Mahimbing ang tulog, kaya tinabihan ko na pagkatapos bumaba ng mga pasahero sa likod. 49 palabras más

Uncertain journey(s)

Life is a journey, and it would be very fair to say that even if I am not travelling physically, the need for discovery leads me to trying out different things almost everyday. 282 palabras más


What a rocking week

We started the week with an explosion of children in the classroom recreating how rocks are formed and reformed over time.

Then we went to The Horniman Museum to find out how fossils were formed and the different types of fossils we can get. 176 palabras más


Côte d'Azur | Video

Long time, no post. Until today.

Summer has drowned, but echoes of her screams can still be felt in the current blog post. Again, CATHARSIS… 334 palabras más