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Third day in Brussels-pt2

This is the second part of the last post of my trip at Brussels, if you have missed the previous post, you’ll find it here… 626 palabras más


The New York Theory

With great clothes comes great responsibility. And by responsibility I mean the drive to find more, buy more, & wear more. Take off trends are some of my favorite things- body suits, flare jeans, chokers, the list goes on- but… 303 palabras más

Truths & Tales


We are all looking forward to the trip tomorrow. If you are helping us could you make sure you are in the school by 9.50 as we will be leaving at 9.55. 11 palabras más


An Athenian Adventure - Part Five

I was massively nervous about this part of the journey; Albania isn’t the sort of destination people normally go to without complaining – at least according to the internet research we had done (I now realise that wherever people go they will complain about it on the internet afterwards, but at the time this was a big deal – as stupid as it sounds). 364 palabras más


Second day in L.A.

The second day was a bit unremarkable. It started with going down to the “breakfast nook” of the hotel. There they had a waffle maker and a breakfast bar. 714 palabras más

Life Update (all)

Iceland trip

We woke up on our penultimate day to torrential rain, hail and gale force winds. From what I understand this was nothing by Icelandic standards but it was the worst we had experienced.

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​Breathing Adventure: Lost in Cebu (Part 2)

A rainy day is a real spoiler for every traveler, especially when the place being visited is a thousand miles away from home. But no dark clouds can hinder us from exploring Cebu, so we headed south on our third day on he island. 785 palabras más

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