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Weekend in Punee

Last weekend, Me and Flygirl, decided to goto Pune & meet up with our friends over there.

It was a relief to just escape from everything & Pune is one of my favorite places to go. 378 palabras más


Hot Lisbon, You're Cool

 Murals paint the city walls,
Vintage trams keep pace with urban amblers,
cul graces dinner halls.

In case you missed . . .
Day 1… 7 palabras más


Commentary: Ambitious Asia trip for a US president leaves region longing for more


US President Donald Trump’s highly anticipated Asia trip had a packed agenda and was closely watched by many in the region. Yale-NUS College’s Chin-Hao Huang discusses whether it has lived up to expectations and what it bodes for the future. 1.462 palabras más

Current Affairs

A Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Man: Experiencing Oxford through the Eyes of an Undergrad

The University of Oxford is one of the most prestigious and sought-after institutions in the world. Long established as a seat of advanced learning, the town itself looks like its lifted straight out of a fairytale – most of the colleges look like medieval castles, the cafes and pubs exude old-world charm and serious  discussion on nanoparticles or geopolitics or the climate change policies of developing nations can be heard through the general babble over drinks. 2.036 palabras más

On to Verneuil sur Avre

After Sophie’s exertions of a 20 minute walk around a lake, she needed another long sit down, so we headed on our way, just stopping to top up our gas, as well as to replenish cakes, wine, cheese and bread, all from SuperU. 513 palabras más


Calm down

I looked forward to fall holidays since the school had started, I dreamed of going abroad and exploring a new city, the main favorites were Milan, Berlin or Amsterdam. 411 palabras más


Friday Five Moments

Last weekend’s extra day was incredibly beneficial. I took the time to rest and relax in preparation for the next few weeks of busyness. I’m looking forward to a macaron making class with a friend this Saturday (and celebrating his recent home purchase!) and packing for the Seahawks game. 138 palabras más

Friday Five Moments