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Lithuania,Palanga beach town in Northern Europe

Its one of the most popular destinations of Lithuanians in summer. Where elder people come to visit the town where they spent summers when they were young.As well the young people come to party and drink and meet girls. 137 palabras más

It Has Been a Long Week...

I finally got home after a week in Texas on business. Stayed very busy all week but I still managed to get to the waterfront for about an hour. 119 palabras más



Après notre départ de Melbourne nous nous arretons passer la journée au Prom’ comme l’appelle les australiens ! Un très beau parc nationnal ! On vous laisse le découvrir en photos ! 27 palabras más


I got a Liebster Award! I'd like to thank my mum, my cat...

Ok, obligatory ‘cheesy acceptance speech’ aside I am flattered to receive this and see my name listed amongst some of the most inspiring writers in the travel blogging industry. 1.574 palabras más


Disney Countdown: 6 Days - The Itinerary

We’ve gone back and forth over the last month as to what our Disney plan would look like, and for the past month, it hasn’t changed.   893 palabras más


My visit to Washington.D.C

Washington D.C  left me one of the best impressions traveling around east coast. I felt really similar like in Brussels,Belgium. Maybe because both of them are capitals and keeps the same roll as the city. 175 palabras más

Freedom within confines

Set of winter shots from a short expedition to the southern tip of Finland a month or so ago. Another even more stunning set of pics will be coming in my next post which were taken the very day after these ones. 86 palabras más