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Views from Barcelona to Tarragona by train, taken on May, 19th 2016. Enjoy!


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iBike Taichung Tour

iBike Taichung Tour Any place can have a charm, Taichung has its own. This is a tour of Taichung on two wheels in a sunny weather and with great, beautiful people. 11 palabras más


The beautiful Sabang, Weh Island (I)... Menuju Pulau Terbarat di Indonesia..

Mengunjungi Aceh pulau terbarat indonesia, terutama pulau Weh atau Sabang, merupakan cita2 saya dari dulu.. Maka sejak beberapa minggu yg lalu saya mulai cari2 dan nanya2 teman yg sudah pernah kesana, untuk merancang kunjungan ke Sabang. 543 palabras más



Day 8 and 9 of our Euro trip brought us to France.

True to all sensible (and physically overwhelming) tours, our itinerary was packed with a lot of activities within small time frame. 265 palabras más


New on 500px : Golling by GabrieleCaredduPhotography by GabrieleCaredduPhotography

Gollinger Mill
Nel mio viaggio attraverso l’Austria mi sono imbattuto in un vecchio mulino, il mulino di Golling.
Situato nel cuore nelle Alpi, nei pressi della famosa cascata di Salisburgo, in un bosco davvero fiabesco. 147 palabras más

Real Estate And Mortgage

failed pranks with a spoonful of stress

as you may know if you live in britain and go to school there (or have children going to school there), it is the half term, the week long break before insanity commences. 341 palabras más


Mind Trip is on Amazon

It’s out! Mind Trip is finally out. So click the link and get your copy now. If you need a reminder of the plot:

Surrealist artist Eric paints what he thinks, paints what he sees, and sees what he thinks. 152 palabras más