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He didn't break his promise!!

So if you have read my previous post about my trip to Ibiza you’ll know that back in the beginning of July I met a lovely, genuine guy. 1.459 palabras más

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Menyapa Ribuan Tentara yang Terkubur Ribuan Tahun

Cuaca di kota Xi’an mungkin memang kurang bersahabat denganku, pasalnya tiap pagi kota ini diguyur hujan. Seperti pagi itu, ketika saya beranjak keluar kamar dan hendak menuju halte bus. 1.087 palabras más


Day 24 - Flight to Singapore

Okay, so I might have gotten a TAD bit behind on the blog. It’s time consuming! Between transferring the photos, re-sizing them and writing the text, it’s difficult to keep up while also enjoying your honeymoon. 856 palabras más


So this is it

So this is it. The great adventure begins. Trundling along in a National Express bus. Dipping in and out of towns and cities. A midnight mystery tour. 278 palabras más


Let Scentsy take you on a trip!

Scentsy offers some of the best incentive trips in the direct sales business. 2017’s incentive trip offers not 1 but FIVE ways to earn with Scentsy! 119 palabras más