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Board style #117

Board style #117

ELLE, 30th April 2015:

. Fashion : hair cut
. Music: James Bay ; Rockabye Baby
. Movie: Girls Only ; Glue
. Trip: Hamburg


Still Life | Travel

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By ArtphotographyTran




So tomorrow I go to BUDAPEST. I am so excited. Finally, I family holiday, the first one since Australia in 2011. It’s going to be amazing! 104 palabras más

My Life

New York City Trip - Day 4

NYC felt like a sauna on day four! My day started off with going to a painfully trendy part of Brooklyn called Williamsburg and finding this amazing view. 213 palabras más

Trip to Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

From Chinese Buddhism to European knights, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) brings natural history and culture together in a contemporary setting in downtown Toronto. From what I can recall of my life, this was the first time I had gone to a museum. 154 palabras más