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D day... Cold in Iceland

I wanted to write from home before I headed for the airport, but I ran out of time…

I happened to catch the very first Montréal-Keflavik flight… The average passenger age was around 20 years old, making me feel kind a cool being geared like my fellows travelers… I might be almost twice their age, but I still can travel the cool way ;) 259 palabras más


Killarney Road Trip // Video Diary

Hey lovelies!

On the Anzac day long weekend my sister, my Dad and I went on a small road trip to the tiny country town of Killarney. 51 palabras más


Tranquil Resort in Ubud for Relax and Enjoy your Holiday

Hey Traveler! Hello from Bali! Hope you have a wonderful day. Great day for tell about experience during holiday in Bali. Besides the marvelous beaches and the beautiful scenery of panorama, Bali has many attraction or tourist destination. 426 palabras más


Washington - The Evergreen State

I’ll start this by saying how odd it is to be back on this time zone. It made work and checking in with my family really difficult while I was on other time zones, but it made being able to talk to my friends and some of my favorite humans a lot easier. 1.313 palabras más


Let's Stay Closer to The Nature of Bali

Hello Guys, how would you like to start your day now? Make a shopping trip? Or want to visiting any club? How about try this one for you trip in Bali. 349 palabras más



What a wonderful sea…!!!

Yes, it’s Japan Sea!! I’m watching wave crasing rocks under sunshine. This seaside called SuishyoHama-水晶浜- means the Crystal Sea where it located Hukui prefecture next to Kyoto. 109 palabras más

My Thailand Experience

Thailand, and how i hated humanity after an Elephant ride.

Wow, so i’ve been trying to find words to say what i’m gonna say because i need to get it out my system as soon as possible. 1.438 palabras más