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Trip to Lisbon - Day 1

I am Portuguese and I’ve never seen Lisbon until last week. I spent five days in the capital, and I’m going to write a post for each day. 224 palabras más

Me Myself

Where heart is....

Vitosha is one of my favorite mountains. May be because is my home place ! Here are some pictures of it: 52 palabras más

The Determination Is Back! (Confessions of a Middle-Age Mom - Chapter 9)

Sunday was the day of packing for our big trip to see my sister and go to the One Direction concert.  So what was I doing around the middle of the day instead of packing?   977 palabras más


A Road Trip to Llano

It was Sunday and I had an itch to get out somewhere, anywhere to take some pictures. It was already noon time and the temperature in the 90’s and was forecast to reach 100 so I knew that taking a hike was right out of the question. 711 palabras más

Other Stuff

I went to Disney and couldn't find the magic

So, for the past week I finally made my first trip to the United States of America (a.k.a ‘Murica), me and my family went to Orlando and Miami and it was really fun but the Disney thing didn’t felt disney enough for me. 449 palabras más

Funny (maybe)

Our Australia Travels

It was a dream of my boyfriends to travel before going to university, so we decided that we would travel Australia for 3 months. It took us about 2 years to plan and save and consisted of me doing the worst job, but resulted in the best award. 319 palabras más


Take a Little Trip

I’m dreaming of a vacation… it’s been more than 3 years since I’ve left the homeland… Florida. Having a child certainly changes things. We love our annual week at Disney and other weekend overnight trips around the Sunshine State, but this gal needs a change of scenery. 222 palabras más