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Readers of popular websites targeted by stealthy Stegano exploit kit hiding in pixels of malicious ads

Millions of readers who visited popular news websites have been targeted by a series of malicious ads redirecting to an exploit kit exploiting several Flash vulnerabilities. 1.266 palabras más

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Beware of Fake Online Technical Support Scam

I am writing this Blog to help/Educate you guys on Fake Online Technical Support Scam.

If you are encounter with below mentioned situation then there are 99% chances that you are victim of fake online technical support scam:- 188 palabras más


Don’t Blink! TrickBot Now Targets 10 German Savings Banks

IBM X-Force researchers following the development of the TrickBot Trojan noted that the malware is rapidly adding new targets and attack capabilities and has now officially advanced into Germany. 22 palabras más

PluginPhantom: Trojan Baru Di Android Yang Memanfaatkan Framework DroidPlugin

By: Wahyu Nuryanto

-December 4, 2016

Tim Peneliti Malware di Palo Alto Networks berhasil mendeteksi trojan jenis baru di android yang diberi nama PluginPhantom. Alasan dari penamaan ini karena kemampuan dari Trojan tersebut yang berhasil memanfaatkan FrameWork DroidPlugin untuk menjalankan aplikasi berbahaya. 672 palabras más


Kovter Trojan Fuels Spike in New Malware Variants

The Kovter Trojan family was responsible for a significant increase in new malware variants in October, a recent report from Symantec reveals.

Read the full article via Security Week

Community Rallies Together to Support Football Team in State Championship

Click on the link below for an interactive photo of the atmosphere at the state game.
The State Game

Click on the picture below for a photo story of the emotion at the state game. 6 palabras más


Home-r's Illiad

(url here)

“Only our feet and bodies can leave the home, but not our hearts.”

Home is an institutional place where one lives perma- wait a second, one cannot just “define” home, one can only “feel” home (like love). 396 palabras más