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Irish businesses targeted with trojan-carrying fake invoice emails

ESET Ireland has seen an increase in emails with infected attachments, claiming to be invoices, tricking unwary businesses to click on them and infect themselves. 188 palabras más

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Perspectives: Alternative locations for Troy

The ancient city of Troy is widely accepted to have been located in north-west Turkey, at a place called Hisarlik. This is where the legendary Trojan War between the Achaeans (Greeks) and the Trojans and their allies, as described in Homer’s Iliad, is said to have taken place. 1.156 palabras más


Ribuan Akun Facebook Pengguna Chrome Dibobol Trojan!

Ribuan Akun Facebook Pengguna Chrome Dibobol Trojan!

Indonesia menjadi negara keempat dengan jumlah korban terbanyak.

Peneliti keamanan dari Radware threat research group baru saja menemukan trojan yang menyamar sebagai aplikasi  542 palabras más

Trojan War - Ethan's World

Dad, do you know about the Trojan Wa?

Yes son I do.

What was the Trojan War.

That’s a good question.  The Trojan War started a number of years ago. 258 palabras más


Cryptolocker - Trojan Horse

Ever seen this message?

If not, then you are lucky. But this does not mean you wont ever get it.

What is this?

This is a message which appears on your Windows device when it is attacked by ransomware known as Cryptolocker. 211 palabras más

TROJAN LTD. Suppliers of Best Chinese Tires Worldwide

These days automobiles drivers frequently consider best Chinese tires, generally on account of the distinction in evaluating. In any case, as we will investigate in this article, there are significant contrasts between Chinese tires, and auto tires produced by European organizations. 371 palabras más