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Has the Sofacy spy group started targeting Macs?

You will recall that the Russian group Fancy Bear hacked into the World Anti-Doping Agency’s medical records of Olympic athletes, and continues to leak details from those records. 262 palabras más


How We Changed the Conversation on Safe Sex at Our High School

September 22, 2016 by Alba Alvarado

As a Latina, I have been taught that I am more likely to have a child in high school than to go off to college. 892 palabras más

documents (Virus)

Ramona huger Office Manager
Box Rentals LLC
Sanibel Executive Suites
Crestwood Apts.
Cleveland Apts.
2230 East 8th St / Office
Joplin, Mo.64801
Cell-417-312-3661… 217 palabras más


Trojan Horses

One of the biggest frustrations in my life, while Jesus said it would be a frustration, is being misrepresented. I read a story a while back that a (supposed) Christian bakery was sued for “emotional damages” by two homosexual women, because the bakery refused to bake them a cake. 324 palabras más


Agamemnon by Osprey Games Unboxing

Here’s a look at the components and a quick intro for Agamemnon by Osprey Games, it’s a quick and strategic abstract that’s a powerhouse in a small box. 10 palabras más


Review: Agamemnon by Osprey Games

Agamemnon was the king of Greece during the Trojan Wars and led the armies of a unified nation to the foreign shores of Troy in order to recapture Helen. 1.130 palabras más


360 SafeGuard is a Reliable and Excellent Information Security Program

Qihoo 360 SafeGuard was designed to stop Trojan horses, malware, computer viruses and offering security patches for Microsoft Windows. The trojan horses scanner of 360 Safe Guard is cloud-based while a heuristic engine is incorporated into the scanner.
360 SafeGuard have made amazing a…