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Pancake Balls and College Kids in Columbus

When I told McKenzie I’d be stopping by Columbus on a random Tuesday morning she immediately agreed to show me some of the local flavor. Although she’s from Cleveland originally, she’d been studying at Ohio State as long we’ve known each other. 517 palabras más


OS X 10.10.4: big fixes, shame about Apple Music

The cynical might now be asking why Apple didn’t brand 10.10.4 as 10.10.5 or even 10.11, there are so many changes and fixes.

First it is a complicated update. 367 palabras más


Banking Cybercriminal Gang Dismantled by Europol

Key members of the notorious gang behind the development and distribution of the ZeuS and SpyEye malware have been arrested due to the joint efforts of key law enforcement agencies across Europe. 469 palabras más

Data Breach

Interwebbed Cyber and Crypto News for June 30

America gets the $10 bill it deserves! Pool party po-po emails a no-go…unless you cross their palms with silver. Unstoppable cyberspies that CANNOT BE UNPLUGGED! Cyberpunk lessons from South America of the 70’s. 241 palabras más


Cybercrime Ring Taken Down in Ukraine

A major group of cybercriminals has been taken down by a joint investigation team (JIT), comprising judicial authorities and investigators from six European countries and supported by Europol and Eurojust, during a coordinated action in Ukraine. 580 palabras más


Quick Way to Remove PUP.Optional.CutterEdit.A – Malware Removal Tool

I have PUP.Optional.CutterEdit.A virus on my computer. Microsoft Security Essential detected it but could not effectively remove it. The trojan keeps coming back. My computer is very slow now and it sometimes freezes up. 680 palabras más


How Do I Remove PUP.Optional.Booster.A Virus Thoroughly

The problem I have is that MSE finds PUP.Optional.Booster.A virus every time I do a full system scan. So, although, I let it remove the virus every time, it seems like it does not do this or not successfully. 700 palabras más