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Kaspersky: Nsa Worker's Computer Was Already Adulterated With Malware

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Refuting allegations that its anti-virus artefact helped Russian spies abduct classified files from an NSA employee’s laptop, Kaspersky Lab has appear added allegation that advance the computer in catechism may accept been adulterated with malware. 748 palabras más

Using IoT devices to launch attacks from within

The number of IP-enabled IoT devices has increased dramatically in the last several years and according to Gartner, it is predicted to reach the staggering number of nearly 21 billion devices in 2020.   21 palabras más


Доброго дня, панове.
Візьміть до уваги – в розсилці приймала участь скринька з домену (заголовки не підроблені)!

12 листопада, близько 23ї години були зафіксовані спроби доставки троянського коду типу Smokeloader (Chanitor) (попередні зразки … 294 palabras más


Emailing: MD10 - 01.11.2017 (Virus)

Your message is ready to be sent with the following file or link
MD10 – 01.11.2017

Note: To protect against computer viruses, e-mail programs may prevent… 678 palabras más

Virus - Microsoft Edge default search change malware issue

Short Answer:

Delete the .JSON file at



How often it is when you are browsing through your beloved Web Browser and some suspicious ads start popping up on the screen? 1.563 palabras más


Recently, malspam delivers malicious document named Order-list-Oct2017.doc that contains malicious code. The URL, hxxp://185[.]163[.]45[.]48:4550/cmd[.]hta delivers .hta file

VirusTotal scanned report for Order-list-Oct2017.doc:

After downloaded the file from  93 palabras más


Hack a Remote Windows System Using Trojan [Over the Internet]

Disclaimer: This tutorial is only for educational purpose. We are not responsible for any misuse of this tutorial.

Scenario: Victim is using Windows 7 and within a network. 524 palabras más