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LIMBUZEE: Official "Know Me" video shoot (Behind The Scenes photos)

Limbuzee a.k.a Mr Zagaza just shot the official video to his hit song “Know Me” which is scheduled to be released soon according to a reliable source close to his management. 38 palabras más


‘trol’ y no ‘troll’

Trol es un término coloquial para denominar a un ‘alborotador o polemista que participa en foros cibernéticos’. Se recomienda usar la forma española trol, cuyo plural es troles. 192 palabras más


Get Familiar with LIMBUZEE (@limbuzee_zone) #YeaUKnow

This video clip shows Limbuzee in the studio as he work towards the release of his EP that has been schedule to drop soon.

Click to watch: 60 palabras más


Ian's Links: The importance of intellectual property, the NDP getting serious

Intellectual property: the most important issue no-one talks about.

The Globe and Mail recently published a long op-ed by Jim Balsillie, in which he argues that Canada needs an American-style innovation lobby to push for public policies that adequately support the growth of Canadian tech companies and that help protect IP rights of Canadian companies in the global marketplace. 1.125 palabras más


Los Troles

Por Esteban Balmore Cruz

Los troles se han hecho famosos en los últimos tiempos.  Pero a diferencia de los troles del pasado, los actuales no son mitológicos; son reales. 560 palabras más


Brain gloop

Have you ever worked so hard on something that you brain turns into mush? And it’s really difficult to think about things that are important and instead you tend to be distracted or can’t think whatsoever. 144 palabras más


2 things you need to know about willpower to be able to use it

Will power is defined as :

“The strength of will to carry out one’s decisions, wishes, or plans.”


 “Control of one’s impulses and actions; determination; self-control. 680 palabras más