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Waking Up, Coming Home

You wake up. It is cloudy. Your eyes are wide awake, but your whole body is paralyzed. You feel the warmth under the blankets.

Ooooh coming home… Ya ya ya ya ya ya yah. 293 palabras más


Brain gloop

Have you ever worked so hard on something that you brain turns into mush? And it’s really difficult to think about things that are important and instead you tend to be distracted or can’t think whatsoever. 147 palabras más

2 things you need to know about willpower to be able to use it

Will power is defined as :

“The strength of will to carry out one’s decisions, wishes, or plans.”


 “Control of one’s impulses and actions; determination; self-control. 680 palabras más


New Music : PUSH - Limbuzee @limbuzee_zone

All we can say is that this is Limbuzee season greetings to you… A smashing street joint to inspire you and get you pushing 2015. It’s dope it’s fresh it’s waff city’s finest rapper. 33 palabras más



I know I’m supposed to be posting my school work,but I keep forgetting to copy the files on my flash drive.So,I was playing a lot of Shadowrun Returns during the last break,and I must say,the game is brilliant.