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Scientist Killed by Drunk Trucker

Local Channel 13 here in Tucson reports that Dr. Rafe Sagarin, a marine ecologist at the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2 (where he is leading an exciting new project to create a living model of the Gulf of California) has been killed by a drunk trucker being held for manslaughter. 291 palabras más


It's weird

It’s weird to be a college graduate | It’s weird to live with my parents again | It’s weird to not know what my future hold | It’s weird to think I am supposed to feel like an adult now but I don’t really | It’s weird not seeing my friends every second of every day | It’s weird that I have to make “responsible” decisions now | It’s all weird (right now). 325 palabras más


the ball does not matter     to him
it is the play
the movement and bright colors
it is the     interaction
and i cannot escape this same need… 42 palabras más


Melocactus Conoideus

My Melocactus Conoideus is a recent addition to my collection – I just bought it last Sunday at EcoGro, a small aquaponics shop and purveyor of unique and interesting cacti and other succulents. 321 palabras más


How many ways can you say "it's hot"?

Tucson Today rule #1: you can’t say it’s “hot” until the temperature reaches at least 100°.

But why call it “hot” when there’s other original, G-rated words to describe it? 38 palabras más