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Oranges and Sunshine

Both oranges and Sunshine exist in Tucson, Arizona! It is beautiful!!

Nature is amazing!!

Tucson to Oracle, Highlights

First off, Brian is back!!

Brian, Ann, and Carol picked me up at the Gordon Hirabayashi Trailhead bearing fresh fruit. I didn’t know Carol and Ann before this moment, and Brian had only met them once via an AWC steward outing; but they met us with warmth, generosity, and hospitality like we were family. 564 palabras más

Tucson's Daily Star Reports on FCC's New Zealand Offshoot Being Banned from Campuses

The Arizona Daily Star is reporting on FCC’s New Zealand offshoot being banned from campuses. This has gone from a local story, to a national story, to an international story. 12 palabras más

Spiritual Abuse

Tempest DuJour Shows How Strong She Remains

Being the first to leave isn’t always a memorable position on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but Tempest DuJour proves, she’s not going away anytime soon.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Bianca Solei Is Miss Gay Tucson Arizona USA

It’s almost Miss Gay USA time, is Bianca ready to take the crown?

Drag Queen

About Face

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A good friend asked me recently, where to find the best facial in Tucson? So I’m opening this up to all of you beautiful readers! 11 palabras más