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It's Cooler Up Here

He pushed through the swinging back doors into the carrier station.  People he’d seen every day for years were there, busy as usual.  He walked past them.  373 palabras más


Girl Boss meets Razor Girl

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The Oro Valley Desert & Readings

The Desert

I loved to watch the wildlife at my last house – the deer, raccoon, javelinas, bobcats, rabbits (cottontail and jackrabbit), and all of the birds (especially the roadrunners and hawks). 667 palabras más



Words have meanings, but those meanings can change over time. Overused words especially, like love, hate, God, and like. Phrases which are overused become memes or lazy shortcuts or verbose filler between uh and ah. 436 palabras más


Pain in Tucson

Tucson made last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, not once but twice, and both articles about pain.

The first:

The second:

Justin Schmidt with a live tarantula-hawk wasp (Pain Level 4). 8 palabras más


Did NASA Just Discover Pandora?

The new planet circles Proxima Centauri, the smallest member of a triple star system known to science fiction fans everywhere as Alpha Centauri. In the movie AVATAR this star system was used as the setting for the moon of Pandora orbiting “Polyphemus,” a gas giant. 188 palabras más


New lens day is the best

Got my 24mm pancake lens in today for some nice wide angles, and hopefully (as I learn to implement it properly) some focus-stacking action in the future.