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Day Three of Seven

Day Three’s image is a Harris Hawk, spied one morning as I was watching the sunrise with our beloved dogs, Daisy and Foxy.

I zoomed out as far as I could so that I didn’t scare it off with movement. 32 palabras más


Lawsuit Photos Reveal Obama Detainment Facility Inhumane Conditions For Migrant Children

  • Detained individuals are stripped of outer layers of clothing and forced to suffer in brutally cold temperatures; deprived of beds, bedding, and sleep; denied adequate food, water, medicine and medical care, and basic sanitation and hygiene items such as soap, sufficient toilet paper, sanitary napkins, diapers, and showers; and held virtually incommunicado in these conditions for days.”
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From Tucson, Arizona, to Anaheim, California

On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, we left New Mexico behind and began our trek back to California to meet up with family at Disneyland. First, the fifth wheel and truck needed a good bath after 52 days on the road, so we stopped in at Rincon West RV Resort in Tucson for four nights. 1.062 palabras más


Finally some promised pictures.

I’m still not able to type much, a lot of hunting and pecking with just my left hand, but I’m managing to do a little.  My wrist has not improved, the shot did not work, I go back to the doctor on July 2nd (which just happens to be my birthday).  565 palabras más

Chronic Illness

Day Two of Seven [Video]

Day two of my week long series of images in black and white.

This particular image is of a Peruvian Cereus, which only blooms at night. 120 palabras más


An Excursion to Tucson

Last week, I had the opportunity to get down to Tucson to see Yanni perform.  I was unfamiliar with Yanni’s music, and let me tell you, it blew me away.  810 palabras más