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The One Where It Was "Joslynapalooza"

I don’t do sun well. But I do concert well. So somehow I made it through three days of intense heat at radio festival shows. 108 degrees. 2.353 palabras más

Tour Life

Early Season Shenanigans

Due to the low exchange rate, my obsession of running away from bears, and Whistler’s breathtaking scenery, I signed up for IM Canada in July.  I needed a good kickstart to my year. 271 palabras más


Tucson's Scary Drivers

I have now lived in Tucson for about 2 and 1/2 years with my wonderful husband.  I had no idea how drivers would be here in the desert, but I learned very quickly that they are not kind.  355 palabras más

#WxGeekSpeak: Snow rollers

Every week, the blog introduces you to a technical term from the American Meteorology Society’s “Glossary of Meteorology”. Welcome to #WxGeekSpeak!

Not only is snow roller an official meteorological term, it’s entirely possible to see them on Mount Lemmon. 93 palabras más


And now I have a sore throat on top of it all

Your stinking God is out to get me, I know it!

Told the wife last night I was getting a sore throat.  She said, “I don’t doubt it.   22 palabras más

Zika Virus Prevention

What you need to know about Zika –

It Is Next Door

Before 2015 Zika was an eastern hemisphere virus mostly in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. 693 palabras más


The Firebird

I am in Tucson now for a bit, and the other day I decided to try to do a watercolor of the mountains at sunset. With their vast swaths of deep blue shadows it seemed, visually, like a simple image to capture. 406 palabras más