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Connecting More Dots: Silver City to Tucson, and 113 miles to Phoenix!

Day 90, Mile 2775. Gilbert, AZ.

This map shows most of the route we took from Silver City to Tucson! I thought it may be a helpful reference. 3.212 palabras más

Bicycle Tour

2016 Hyundai Tucson comes to Geneva with long-awaited redesign

As one of the oldest vehicles in Hyundai’s lineup, it was only a matter of time before the compact Tucson was given a redesign. Now, at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, we’re getting a first-person look at the next-generation model as it prepares to do battle in an increasingly important market. 138 palabras más


Saint Augustine at Monterey Court on 3/12/15

We will be playing at Monterey Court next Thursday, March 12th 2015. The show opens with The Unday at 7pm, a great little band pushing the boundaries of folk rock. 11 palabras más



Ibamos camino del Güero Canelo, uno de los restaurantes tradicionales en el sur de Tucson, donde se come el famoso hot dog al estilo de sonora, con frijoles, mayonesa, mostaza, jalapeño, bacon y otras maravillas. 421 palabras más


Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue ~ Meet Rocky

Today I met Rocky. He is a rescue dog and his Owners are so lucky to have found him. If you are looking for a wonderful Golden Retriever… 32 palabras más


Anywhere or Bust

I need to get out of this city, even if it’s just a few days. I’m tired. It’s plagued, everywhere makes me weak. I’m tired of sitting on mountains trying to find company among the cacti; they’re so defensive. 137 palabras más