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Mobile Phone Facts Every User Should Know

As a cell phone user, you probably feel overwhelmed with all of the changes that are coming about with cell phones. Mobile phones are ever changing with phones, services, and new gadgets being released on a continual basis. 632 palabras más

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High and Dry

Another successful tourism day in southern Arizona! This time we traveled into the national forest to visit Sabino Canyon and Mount Lemmon. We took a tram ride into the canyon and got to enjoy all the gorgeous scenery along the way. 55 palabras más

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Culture Wars

Some years ago somebody went around and put up signs in Tucson that said, “Accept the Will of God.” Later on, someone else added a “-zilla” onto the end, so now the signs read, “Accept the Will of Godzilla.” I saw more tattoos in that town than I’d ever seen before. 1.417 palabras más

I Dream of Gardens in the Desert Sand

Well I’ve officially made it to Tucson and am finally off the train. The train trip was a lot of fun – yes, it did feel long and boring at times, but it was still an adventure that I’m glad I took. 84 palabras más

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COMPOST (#005)


This is the kind of thing I really geek-out over. I automatically go four-eyed for anything 80’s Hardcore. I also get my pocket protector out for small town punk scenes. 99 palabras más