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The Dreaded "Day Three" of Chemo

I knew this day was coming and to be quite honest, I’ve been afraid of it. I heard that this day would be the fatigue, nauseous, and worst day of the chemo cycle. 608 palabras más


Tuesday's rain totals across Metro Tucson

Severe storms synced up with the Tuesday evening rush hour, making for quite a mess on Tucson’s south side.

Officially 1.49″ rain fell at Tucson International Airport yesterday, making for the wettest day since September 8th, 2014. 382 palabras más


2nd Day of Chemo (post effects)

Hey everyone,

It is now my second day post chemo (meaning I had my first chemo session yesterday) and I feel really fine. I don’t want to say I feel great, because I’m not exactly sure if I do. 918 palabras más


Are Your Moon Phases Accurate in Your Writing?

Did you know that a full moon ALWAYS rises at sunset and sets at sunrise? (Think about it…that’s why it’s full…it’s opposite the sun in the sky.) Did you know that a new moon ALWAYS occurs exactly two weeks after (or before) a full moon? 716 palabras más


Shop the current Campaign 17

To see what’s in the latest campaign click on the book cover to view the brochure. .


Baseball, night swimming and new trainers

After our big breakfast at the Lone Star Café we travelled to a very big city called Phoenix. Our hotel was huge with lots of swimming pools. 388 palabras más