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Crossing the Border: Peru - Ecuador

After spending about a week dossing on the beach following our exhausting stints in Huaraz and Cusco, the time had come for me and Tom to pack our sandy bags up and move on to mysterious Ecuador. 551 palabras más


So Abby and I decided that we needed a vacation during our vacation.

So naturally, we went to the beach.

And we did approximately nothing but read, sleep, tan ourselves, and eat. 414 palabras más


Peru - Gringoes

I entered in Peru near to lake Titicaca, at Desaguadero. The views over the lake are awesome all the way to Puno, the biggest city in this region. 512 palabras más

Ceviche and illegal immigration

Having spent 12 hours on a bus from Quito, I was grateful to disembark and cross the border to Peru – although my experience of this crossing was a strange one. 791 palabras más


Tumbesinos soportarán lluvias hasta este sábado



Ceaugmasonline:         Las  constantes lluvias que azotan a los tumbesinos desde ayer se prolongarían hasta este sábado 19 de diciembre, según informó la Dirección General de Meteorología (DGcpM) del Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología del Perú (Senamhi). 167 palabras más

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