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How the Islamic State Rose, Fell and Could Rise Again in the Maghreb

(24/07/2017). Report Nº 178 / Middle East & North Africa. Despite its ongoing demise in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State (ISIS) could prove resurgent in the Maghreb if past lessons and lingering threats remain unheeded. 34 palabras más

International Crisis Group

Blocked Transition: Corruption and Regionalism in Tunisia

The political consensus in place since the late-2014 parliamentary and presidential elections has stabilised Tunisian politics but is beginning to reach its limits. Despite the formation of a national unity government comprising the main political parties, the country suffers from a growing sense of socio-regional exclusion and weakening state authority, which are nurtured by spreading corruption and clientelism. 59 palabras más

International Crisis Group

Cuba, la Capitulación del capitalismo? "Historia y situación actual de la Revolución Cubana" - ALBA MALTA NORTH AFRICA COORDINACION -TUNEZ

الأربعاء 15 مارس 2017 على الساعة 13:30 بقاعة المحاضرات بالكلية: “كوبا، مقاومة الرأسمالية ؟ تاريخ الثورة الكوبية و الوضع الراهنو ذلك يوم

TUNEZ- Sala de Conferencias de la Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Políticas -Universidad Al Manar- 222 palabras más

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(18) Arona-Tunez-La Hondura Circular (Arona)

Route Summary
This walk has a very rural aspect with great views in all directions. There is a steep 400 m ascent from Tunez to La Hondura. 300 palabras más

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Tunisia: ‘We want an end to the fear’: Abuses under Tunisia’s state of emergency

In response to a series of armed attacks in 2015 and 2016 that shook the country, the Tunisian authorities have stepped up security measures and relied on emergency laws. 78 palabras más

Amnistía Internacional