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Watercolour Florals

A softer look is coming through complimenting the more floaty garments with fluid watercolour prints. Whether you are looking for the ultimate high summer maxi, a move into transitional or full on Autumn Winter prints, here is a palette and range to cover all bases. 26 palabras más


How to install OpenAI Gym

The OpenAI/Gym project offers a common interface for different kind of environments so we can focus on creating and testing our reinforcement learning models. In this tutorial I show how to install Gym using the most common package managers for Python. 376 palabras más


She’s Back! Here Comes Half Pint Hitty: The Original Baby Bee!

Do you dream in Bees? Our very first Baby Bee, also called our Half Pint Hitty, was one of our most popular resin models ever. She is a little bigger than our current style of Baby Bees, which are designed to fit with 1:24 scale dollhouses and miniatures. 142 palabras más


Primaris Legion of the Damned (2) - painting metal

Taproot – Believed

Just a work in progress post, really – but I thought I would go through painting the metal areas.

I’m trying to improve my technique a bit – and create brighter, cleaner paint schemes than I usually manage. 285 palabras más


My Favorite Places to Find FREE Embroidery Designs

Embroidery, especially machine embroidery, has been around for a few years. However, embroidery has been becoming trendier lately. With the encouragement from my aunt, I’ve started learning about machine embroidery. 400 palabras más


Paper Instruments: Whistle

Music is an amazing art form, and learning to play an instrument is an amazing life skill. However, instruments are often really extensive, and sometimes you can’t bring them with you. 193 palabras más

Paper Instrument Tutorials

The Value of a Backup

All it takes is one site crash to bring down everything you worked so hard to build. Downtime, temporary or long-lasting, can cause irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation, and possibly even your revenue stream. 297 palabras más