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My Top 5 Weather Related Movies Of All Time!

Here it is, My personal top five list of weather related movies! The only real criteria to be part of this list was that some aspect of the weather or a weather person play some sort of central role in the plot of the movie. 475 palabras más

Kyle Adams

Poconos 2015

I would sit here and type up all the stupidities that happened this weekend, but I think my fingerprints would rub off.

and if I could only use one word to describe this weekend, it would have to be”loud”. 745 palabras más


Twister - Epilogue

“Yah! You want nachos but you don’t buy the chips? Are you stupid or what?” Hyoyeon scolded Eunhyuk.

The two of them were in the kitchen of Kyuhyun’s shared apartment – Sungmin’s too once, before he moved out after he graduated. 1.274 palabras más


Ratos de pelúcia!

Estou sempre procurando coisas sobre ratos e achei essas pelúcias muito bonitinhas de ratinhos!

Eles são todos feitos a mão pela russa Natasha Fadeeva. Ela costuma vender as pelúcias para o mundo todo, mas faz poucas unidades de cada uma delas. 78 palabras más


Twister - Chapter 11

The next one week was a good week spent together. Sunny, who initially intended to leave with her father on Tuesday, extended her stay until next Sunday. 4.110 palabras más


Insane Twister from Pittsburgh High School Game

Chartiers Valley middie goes on an ambitious run against Upper St. Clair.

Ends in a magnificent twister on the door step.

USC won the game 14-10.

High School