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Metaphor - One-Liner Wednesday

When you told me you used to chase tornadoes, deep down I used to think it was a metaphor.

Melissa, the would-be fiancé for the main male lead in “Twister.” 11 palabras más

'I can't even tell you how many we've seen': Alberta storm chaser following tornadoes in Kansas

Several possible tornadoes were reported across parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Colorado on Tuesday and a team of Albertans were there to catch a glimpse of Mother Nature unleashing her full fury. 398 palabras más


Sore Loser

Mario couldn’t stop smiling.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and his best friend Brobee was coming over to play.

Like any good host, Mario offered his friend a drink as soon as he arrived. 90 palabras más

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Twister is 20 years old this week, here's 7 things you didn't know..

  1. There’s a scene in the trailer that isn’t in the film. A tyre hurls towards the camera.
  2. It was the first ever film to be released on DVD.
  3. 95 palabras más
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20 Years On: “Twister”

Some films are just fun, and that’s all you need to know and understand. The how doesn’t really matter, because if you begin thinking too hard about it, you may find yourself rethinking the whole watching of the film at all. 1.103 palabras más