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How to write a tongue twister:

Aim for alliteration. Alliteration is a literary device by which you string together a group of words that begin with the same consonant sound. 335 palabras más

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If we were having coffee .. distracted

If we were having coffee I’d be apologising. The kettle isn’t on. I meant to be ready for you and I even thought about what I wanted to chat about. 303 palabras más


A Strange Thanksgiving 13-04

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Please note, there was a special commissioned mini-interlude focusing on Sean posted yesterday. If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to click that Previous Chapter link first.   3.560 palabras más

Stirling bootcamp

The Citizens escaped from Edinburgh last weekend for a few days of the 3 Ts = training, theory and team bonding.  With a successful summer transfer window it was a great opportunity to integrate our new faces and to look forward to the season ahead. 27 palabras más


A Strange Thanksgiving 13-03

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I had already turned around and was halfway out of the room by the time Shiori hurriedly caught my arm. “F-Flick, wait. Where are you going?” Her eyes were wide as she clutched my arm tightly. 3.216 palabras más