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"U is for... " (poem)

My day started out all misty
Then the sun came out instead.
I left home in a raincoat
But burnt the top of my head! 43 palabras más


Nature's Assault

The wind hollers in protest at the obstructions in its path — doors, windows, corners — and the chill slithers in through the ancient cracks, making hairs stand on end. 81 palabras más

Flash Fiction

Action 722 - nothing at all to do with the movie by the same corporation

By a complete and total coincidence, Action 722 (June 1996) features a story about tornadoes with the word Twister on the cover.  DC is owned by Warner, who also produced the movie Twister, released around this time.  159 palabras más

Action Comics

The Mom Who Hosted Naked Twister Also Allegedly Took A 'Multi-Party' Bubble Bath With Teens

New details are rolling in about Rachel Lehnardt, the 35-year-old Georgia mom who allegedly hosted a drug and alcohol-fueled party for her teenage daughter’s underage friends, in which she engaged the teens in a game of naked Twister and had sex with her daughter’s boyfriend (in addition to another 18-year-old boy). 230 palabras más

Web Culture

Mike Sawyer's Diving Twister

What is happening? Year of the Twister vs. Year of the Backhand continues.

A day after we posted this flying backhand from Tufts attackman John Uppgren… 29 palabras más


2015.03.14 : Disney Play House @ Siam Square One

Theme : สนุก ทุกข์ เศร้า เซ็ง ลัลล้า ร่าเริง
สถานที่ : Disney Play House / Ootoya / Twister @ Siam Square One
วัน : วันเสาร์ที่ 14 มีนาคม 2558… 26 palabras más

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