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बॉलीवुड के शहंशाह का अब दिखेगा साउथ में जलवा

तकरीबन पांच दशकों से बॉलीवुड में अमिताभ बच्चन का जलवा कायम है. और अब उनके लाजवाब अभिनय का दीदार साउथ के सिनेमा में भी दिखाई देगा.


The thing I hate most about writing.

No it’s not the writing.  I love that.  Even though it’s harder to do then non-writers think.

No it’s not the editing.  Even though I suck at it. 55 palabras más

Please Don't Parody School Accounts on Twitter: An Open Letter

Twitter parody accounts are a uniquely 21st-century phenomenon. From celebrities to politicians to fictional characters, parody accounts are about as common as mosquitos; they’re everywhere, and their numbers are only growing. 381 palabras más


Untrustworthy Verification

BuzzFeed has a post up dealing with internal Twitter emails which show how that company went through the process of banning Milo Yannopoulos. While the… 431 palabras más



Selamat Datang di BM! Di BigMoneyPtc, kami melampaui perkiraan situs bayar berbayar biasa Anda. Kami melayani mereka yang mencari penghasilan maksimal untuk waktanya. Kami tahu waktu Anda berhargadan kami bersedia membayarnya! 70 palabras más

Tak Berkategori


Again, I barely even used Twitter before coming to Huddersfield University. I was more of a Facebook and Instagram kind of guy. I either got my news from various apps such as Sky Sports or BBC News. 178 palabras más


Are you Bleeting?

Social media is a very new form of communication and we are the first generation who are growing up with it and experiencing its highs and lows. 908 palabras más