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U-KISS: What Are Former Members Kibum; Alexander; and Dongho Up To Nowadays?

Since leaving the group in 2011, Alexander Lee Eusebio went on to do solo music and he has also been acting. The most current project I know of from Alexander is his role in the K-Drama:  91 palabras más

Alexander (Xander)

U-Kiss' Vietnamese Fanfic Collection

  • Bộ sưu tập những quyển sách fanfictions từ dịch đến viết về các couples/non-couple của U-Kiss. KHÔNG BAO GỒM NHỮNG QUYỂN SÁCH DÁN MÁC CHUYỂN VER/ĐẠO NHÁI/BẢN KHÔNG CHÍNH THỨC.
  • 454 palabras más

Kontrak Berakhir, AJ Resmi Tinggalkan U-KISS

Para penggemar yang menunggu kembalinya AJ bersama U-KISS pasti akan merasa kecewa mendengar berita ini. 103 palabras más

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Review #74 - Review of June

I was gone for pretty much all of June, and writing regular reviews for anything this long after they’d been released both didn’t make sense, nor was it something that I at all felt like doing. 1.337 palabras más


MV Review - U-Kiss - Stalker

Ahhhh my beloved group, U-Kiss, that I have loved since I got into Kpop! They finally have a Korean comeback since “Playground”… which I didn’t know about until a few months ago. 280 palabras más