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How to install RubyMine on ubunto machine

Here is the step-

  1. Download from official site of rubymine.
  2. Run following command-

sudo tar -zxvf RubyMine-2019.2.4.tar.gz -C /opt/
sudo mv /opt/RubyMine-2019.2.4/ /opt/RubyMine
sudo chown -R root:root /opt/RubyMine…
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gksu is dead long live pkexec

I don’t use it very often but occasionally it can be useful to have a launcher somewhere on my desktop that starts a terminal session as root. 306 palabras más


How to Check Ubuntu Version from the Command Line

For check Ubuntu version using command line, you can use one of the command:

lsb_release -a

lsb_release -d

cat /etc/issue

cat /etc/os-release



How to Make a Folder in Ubuntu Using Command Line

Follow this step to create new folder in Ubuntu using command line.


Type this command and hit Enter

sudo mkdir /home/user/NewFolder

if you want to create new folder in your Desktop (if you use Ubuntu Desktop) 14 palabras más


URL for "Shattered Earth: Approaching Extinction"

Dear friends and gentle people,

Would you be so kind as to forward the URL for my latest book to your friends and networks?

“Shattered Earth: Approaching Extinction” 169 palabras más

Climate Change

Debian "Buster" 10.2 - 'Released with More Than 100 Bug & Security Fixes'

Well, best I can tell is that Debian only fixed 1% of the Bugs that were in Debian 10, so they have plenty of work left. 542 palabras más


Guide to writing you first ROS program

  • ROS Melodic
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • IDE: Visual Studio Code

The objective of this post is to walk through the basic steps of how to write your first robot program through ROS. 347 palabras más