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Installing .Net Core 2 on a Raspberry Pi

Recently I’ve been back experimenting with cryptocurrencies.  I was interested in whether or not I could use a Raspberry Pi to help me – in particular I wondered whether it would be of any use for CPU or hard disk mining.   1.123 palabras más

Monitoring mysql query logs on Ubuntu

You can do the flowing thing for monitoring mysql query logs.

Open mysql configuration file my.cnf

sudo nano /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Search following lines under a  heading and uncomment these lines to enable log… 38 palabras más


How To Setup An Apache Forward Proxy Server on Ubuntu 14.04

Introduction : –

A Forward Proxy Server is a server that sits between you, aka client, and your remote server. Lets put it in a simple way :) 1.030 palabras más


Use "alias" in Linux

In file “~/.bash_profile“, we can use alias to define keyword shorter to run app faster :)

Example: In server has been installed redis… 93 palabras más


Installing and Connecting to SQL 2017 on Ubuntu (Linux)

–By Lori Brown

SQL Server 2017 is available as a CTP for testing ( and is able to be installed on a system running Linux. 767 palabras más

SQL Server

How to Install LAMP on Ubuntu 16.04

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a combination of open source software, typically installed on a server used for hosting dynamic websites and web applications. It includes the Linux operating system, the Apache web server, MySQL for data storage and management and PHP for handling the dynamic content. 56 palabras más

start delayed job on reboot [sh script]

Short way:
Making script run at boot time at Debian

Manual Way:

cd /etc/init.d && sudo nano delayed_job_script

Paste following code to delayed_job_script:
Note: change RAILS_ROOT and ENV variables according to your setup. 285 palabras más