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New Book Details US Attempts to Topple Correa

Cover of Ecaudor in the Sights: The Wikileaks Revelations and the Conspiracy Against the Government of Rafael Correa | Photo: El Telegrafo
teleSUR | February 2017…
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United States

01.20.17: The Weapon

Yesterday, the Comision Nacional de Telecomunicaciones  (CONATEL) opened an investigation into the Globovision network after the station aired an interview with National Assembly vice-president Freddy Guevara in which he called for active resistance against the Maduro regime. 799 palabras más

Daily Update

01.01.17: A Rough Start

Reaction to the release of former presidential candidate Manuel Rosales and five other political prisoners yesterday continued to make headlines today, as the heads of both UNASUR and the OAS weighed in on the news. 556 palabras más

Daily Update

All for one and one for all - UNASUR

The UNASUR committee approved three resolutions that intend to help Venezuela to get out of the crisis, restore the economy and improve the quality of human rights in the country. 170 palabras más


UNASUR is working hard

UNASUR is making a lot of progress in their negotiations with Venezuela. They got together in different groups and as a result of long debates and discussions they got three draft resolutions which will be voted soon. 75 palabras más


Venezuela - We all make mistakes!

What an evening ladies and gentlemen!
We had a short debate but a great discussion yesterday!
The choice of the topic was unanimous and that is because it is something that affect us all in South America: Venezuela, intervention or cooperation with the government? 307 palabras más