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June 24, 2018

One Year Ago: June 24, 2017
Two Year Ago: June 24, 2016
Three Years Ago: June 24, 2015
Four Years Ago: June 24, 2014 
Five Years Ago: June 24, 2013

A Frame Per Day – 27th film – frame 27/36

Captured May 3rd, 2018

3rd year, 216th frame, in total 948th frame

Nikon FG
Nikkor 1:2  35mm
Kodak prof. Elitechrome 100 exp.01/2014

© 2018 Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld


Yellow city bikes

Let’s get it straight in the very beginning: Helsinki is not as much of a cycling city as Amsterdam or Copenhagen. But we’re getting there. In the summer time cycling is the handiest and usually the fastest way to get from A to B in Helsinki, and the yellow city bikes have made bike rental super easy. 371 palabras más


Water Cube

No.5-Beijing on my Map (Water Cube) Picture by Artur Anis Aniserowicz. Check out the active Google navigation 👉5-Bjg and my Guide Map 👉 Guide Map