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A U.S. Congresswoman Cuts It to the Bone

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii was interviewed on ABC News “This Week” following the human error that led to a false alarm missile message.

During one defining moment of the interview, long time Clinton staffer, George Stephanopoulos, asked Gabbard: “Was it a mistake for the United States to take out Gaddafi and Hussein?” 13 palabras más

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Buc-Ee's Named Number 1 Gas Station In The Nation

A recent study showed that Buc-ee’s is the best gas station in the United States.

Gas Buddy, a company based out of Boston, put together a research examining millions of customer ratings and reviews on their app through out the past year. 42 palabras más


Breaking: Syrian army breaks through rebel lines in south Aleppo; almost reaching Idlib front

By Brecht Jonkers



DAMASCUS, SYRIA (04:55 PM) – Forces of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) are advancing rapidly in the south of Aleppo Governorate, pushing militant rebels ever further away on two lines of attack while marching south-west. 297 palabras más


America is finally getting back in the manned spaceflight game

Big news in the space world!

If all goes well during a flurry of testing over the coming months, Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner will carry two astronauts to orbit in November, followed by SpaceX’s 

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This Is Cape Cod Without You

I will never eat lobster again.

I will never meet up with your old friends.

I will never feel your sand covered feet curled up with mine underneath the sheets. 56 palabras más


'WWE SmackDown' Live Stream: How To Watch 'SmackDown' Online - 01/16/18

The superstars of WWE SmackDown Live will need to pull out all the stops to surpass this week’s Braun Strowman-fest on Monday Night Raw. Strowman tried to literally rip the building apart, room by room. 555 palabras más