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Check out where our latest adventure took us too!

It took us 15 hours to drive all the way from Calgary to Portland, where we set up a home base for 4 days. 12 palabras más


U.S.-UK Deep State Tries to Grab Hong Kong

August 21, 2019

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog

What can explain these recent instances, proven by Agence France-Press, in which outright frauds — lies (in the form of faked photos and videos) — are being spread online to support the agenda of breaking off, from China, Hong Kong (which has historically always a part of China), so as to make Hong Kong an ‘independent’ nation?: 1.696 palabras más


Everyone Loves A Pop-Up

The 1964 World’s Fair was a two-year event centered on peace, understanding, and apparently, pop-up books. Released in 1963, Peter and Wendy See the New York World’s Fair shows two children, Peter and Wendy, – no relation to Peter Pan or Wendy Darling – enjoying the sights of the fair, including the famed Sinclair Oil “Dinoland” and the Unisphere, a sculpture that many will remember from the film Men in Black. 24 palabras más


DOE Issues Statement on Energy Star Thermostat Report....

The needle on the CTH winnamometer momentarily pegs ‘too much‘…

[Backstory Here] After quite widespread discussion on the Energy Star Thermostat Report, and the ridiculous… 46 palabras más