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Construir una vida: Virtudes para los niños

Construir una vida torna fácil y divertido para niños el estudio de importantes valores y virtudes. El libro presenta un total de 14 valores, cada uno acompañado de una atractiva ilustración. 14 palabras más

5-7 Years/5-7 Años

Building a Life: Virtues for Children

Help children learn about fourteen key virtues with this charming book. Short text and colorful illustrations make this book ideal for younger children. To download the ebook for free in epub or mobi format, click here.

5-7 Years/5-7 Años


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  Standing at the edge of the water summer time adventures continue as we explore more of our nearby surroundings the beautiful Valentia island wild and free country side for miles as well as the beautiful coastal views the surround this magnificent place we had a lovely trip here the light house is a tourist attraction which is open to the public all 3 of my kids loved the place my 2 year old was very  by it she talks about it three weeks on she has a fascination with bridges and lighthouses it maybe  a water related thing magical all the same it cost €15  for family of 5 to explore the grounds for as long as we wanted with a little coffee shop on site I being me brought a picnic for the trip plenty fruit, sandwiches and of course water .