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The Telektonon Factor: 65 Years of a Living Prophecy

the inner sun
the mother of all prophecy
message of the star witness, Bolon Ik,
received and repeated by her servant in love,
Pacal Votan.” 10.163 palabras más

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The Telektonon Mother of All Prophecy is more Real than ever! Yesterday it was Kin 22 and today we celebrate 65 years since the Galactic Maya Revelation started. With Gratitude to the Ascended Masters of the New Time, Valum Votan & Bolon Ik, for dispensing the most beautiful script of Planetary Redemption. In Lak'ech - Welcome to join the event:

Kin 11 today! Remembering Valum Votan

KIN 11 ~ 11 Monkey ~ Blue Spectral Monkey

I dissolve in order to play
Releasing Illusion
I seal the process of Magic
with the Spectral tone of Liberation…
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Valum Votan

The Telektonon Trinity : Part 1, The Three Stones

Dreamspell Kin 205, Red Planetary Serpent
Long Count kin 159, 3 Kawak
Kin 205 + Kin 159 = 364 = ( 13 x 28 ) 547 palabras más

The Journey Back to Square 1 : Part 3, The LOOP — G8ix

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