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Harlequin Handlebar Wrap 

The writer’s Macaframa lives two lives. A relaxed fixed gear road setup, and a no holds barred track setup. Neither are particularly subtle, and the latter required an extra peice of flash. 159 palabras más

Sortie VTT Premiers beaux jours!

Rien de tel qu`une bonne balade en VTT en fin de journée pour se vider la tète et profiter du paysage, des rayons de soleil qui vous caressent les jambes et de toute cette verdure autour de nous… 153 palabras más



When it comes to speed on a bike, there are two main factors: power output and drag. One of these can dominate the other, and one of these can outsmart the other. 357 palabras más


Cycling in Middle Earth

Probably my favorite make-you-want-to-pedal-something video yet . . . both riders are fantastic at what they do! I particularly like the shot where blondie gets his bike parallel with ground on that jump. 28 palabras más



Monnem Bike – DEIN RAD PROJEKT – mein Beitrag zur Kunst

Mannheim, die Stadt, in der die Räder laufen lernten. Wo alles begann.
Mannheim, auch die Geburtsstadt von Radsportpersönlichkeiten wie Rudi Altig, …

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Good night, sweet Prince

One of the last photos of this musical genius and icon is of Prince riding his bicycle. Rest in peace and thank you always being true to your Midwestern hometown of Minneapolis-St. Paul.