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Removable valve stem??

I guess you have heard of a removable valve core, but what about an entire stem?

I recently added another abandoned bike to the workshop and while tending to the flat tire I noticed the inner tube held air, but that the valve stem came out of the inner tube if fiddled with (with an explosive release of tyre pressure too!). 75 palabras más


Hipster católica

Hace casi un año cambié la descripción en mis cuentas personales de redes sociales para auto denominarme ‘hipster católica’. Lo hice después de leer un artículo en la página… 662 palabras más


Turning heads 50 miles from Syria

My job as a story telling photographer is often about turning heads. Okay, it’s always about turning heads. Coming up with an original story, or a feature’s USP, is key to earning a living as a professional travel photographer. 433 palabras más


Eddy Merckx Quotes

Eddy Merckx was a professional cyclist from 1961 to 1978. He is considered the most successful cyclist in history, with 525 competitions to his name! In 2000, the French magazine Vélo called him the ‘ 253 palabras más

Review: Royal Racing Matrix Jacket

I’ve been on the hunt for a lightweight, hooded riding jacket for a while now. I have struggled justifying the cost of some larger company’s jackets that retail between $400-$500. 225 palabras más


Bixi has come a long way since 2009

Montrealers are increasingly relying on Bixi to get around.

In 2016, users took 4.1 million Bixi rides, a 16-per-cent increase compared with the 2015 season, … 85 palabras más

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