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Rétablir la réputation de l’équipe Sky?

Speaking to the BBC, Cookson essentially said that the absence of proof put an end the matter. “I think the reputation of the sport, the reputation of the team and the reputation of the rider Bradley Wiggins should be reinstated,” the Briton stated.

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Autres lieux, mêmes soucis…

Pourtant ces discriminations existent du Vercors à la Carynthie sur tout l’arc alpin, tout comme dans les vallées vosgiennes. Le vélo alpin est apparu fin des années 80, il est encore, un quart de siècle plus tard, l’objet de critiques et d’inimitiés récurrentes.

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Un e-bike peut-il remplacer une voiture?

I wanted to see if an e-bike would replace our second vehicle for commuting to work and running errands
– via CyclingTips

Spoiler, la réponse est oui.


Can We Be More Constructive??

Ok so this is going to be a controversial one…

Deep Breath we’re going under……….

So on …. Sept 17 Birmingham UK (yes someone thought this was Birmingham USA) hosted the Velo Birmingham. 1.633 palabras más


Free wheeling
Wind stealing
Joy squealing

Fun loving
Sun running
Road drumming

Open living
Energy giving
Limb spinning

Speed panic
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Bikers' highway

Rennes is not really a city for biking. There are efforts with dedicated bike lanes. But often they are just separated by a line from the street, interrupted by bus stops. 92 palabras más


The Burma Organic Film Project

This image was shot on Fujicolor medium format film with a Holga. December 2016, Yangon, Myanmar.

I hope to have enough material to release a photobook on Burma (Myanmar) this winter