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This was a project to take a short 2-3 minute clip of any video, strip the sound, and re-add everything, including dialogue, SFX, and music.  I chose the fight at the dam in the movie Tangled. 34 palabras más


Final Video Project

For the Final Video Project Spencer and I created a video on Shoemaker Hall and its ghostly past. Using a Panasonic AC 90 to film the entire video, we used B roll clips to create a realistic showcasing of our story. 238 palabras más


[VIDEO] $trange - "*67"

Last week  we premiered the trailer for $trange’s new video, and last night the North Plainfield MC released the complete visuals for his single “*67”. The track was produced by $trange himself, and the video was directed by Meen ( @itsMeenbaby on Twitter). 38 palabras más


Video: Cooked Fish Appears to Come Back to Life After Shot of Alcohol

Bizarre footage has emerged from China of a cooked fish appearing to come back to life very briefly after swallowing a shot of alcohol. The video, filmed in Jinan, Shandong Province on February 21, shows the fried fish twitching and opening and closing its mouth after the waiter pours the shot into it. 49 palabras más


Nouvel album prévu pour Wardruna

Les norvégiens de Wardruna (folk/ambient) seront de retour avec un troisième album studio, intitulé “Runaljod – Ragnarok” et qui devrait voir le jour à l’automne prochain. 29 palabras más


متحولة جنسياً تعرضت للإغتصاب أكثر من 2000 مرة بسجن الرجال !

متحولة جنسياً تعرضت للإغتصاب أكثر من 2000 مرة بسجن الرجال !