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Alex Jones Getting More Click-Baity By the Day

I love Alex Jones, he’s an honorary Aryan, but I gotta admit, lately he’s been getting more and more Buzzfeed with his tactics and titles. 38 palabras más


Craziest November...EVER!

The first two weeks of November are shaping up to be MAD, exciting and fun!

A trip to Glasgow with a secret mission…A MINDS GIG…and now some Bowie themed theatre! 49 palabras más


I'm Throughly Impressed This Kid Busts Out The People's Elbow During An Actual Street Fight

First things first: WHAT is this song and WHERE did it come from. One day I’ve never heard of it, next thing I know it’s in every viral video I see and it makes everything infinitely funnier. 81 palabras más


The Skyrim Special Edition launch day mod difference between PS4 and Xbox One.

On launch day, on PS4, you can currently choose from 38 mods – but on Xbox One you can choose from 119.

It means that if you’re playing on PS4, you miss out Xbox One mods such as… 291 palabras más


Video Shows A Ghost Walking Around Walt Disney World!

Do you believe in ghosts? You might after you watch this video. It appears that there is a ghost walking around Disney World. Check this out. 30 palabras más


Para este fin de semana, te recomendamos Aloha, una película que nos presenta la historia de Brian Crilgest, quien es un famoso contratista militar, quien viaja a Hawaii debido a un nuevo proyecto de suma importancia para las Fuerzas Armadas de Estados Unidos. 61 palabras más