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Emerald Mind Posts New Video "Astronaut In Her Space"

Emerald Mind plays a unique mixture of power and progressive metal with one of the most professional female vocalists on the Russian metal scene Svetlana Vysotskaya. 108 palabras más


[VIDEO] Madchild - Write It Down (Dir. By The Jokerr)

British Columbia born rapper Madchild, part of the lengendary group Swollen Members, returns with a new video in time to kick off his Canadian tour in support of his upcoming album, exclusively produced by Evidence. 55 palabras más


The Beauty Of Older Animes!!!

Hey everyone!! I know I uploaded this video a few days ago but don’t worry I didn’t forget about my blog! But on this video I talked about the beauty of older animes since several people feel older animes are ugly looking due to the animation. 10 palabras más


VIDEO: MOVIES: REVIEW: Total Recall (2012)

[IMDB link] [Netflix link]

PLOT SUMMARY: Factory worker Doug Quaid suspects that he may actually be a spy whose memory has been wiped clean. 455 palabras más


New Video- Liberian Artist Flex Releases His New Video "Holy Ghost Fire" Featuring Akon

Liberian artist Flex has caught the attention of the Senegalese international music legend Akon!  Today he released the long awaited music video for his single… 219 palabras más


Rocker Chic

I had to take advantage of this beautiful day and take some outfit of the day pictures before all of the snow melted away. I love the way the light reflects of the snow on sunny winter days, it can be great for capturing amazing pictures.  184 palabras más