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Gray Wolves of Calvert Island

The coastal wolves of the Great Bear Rainforest are distinct from their mainland cousins. The Calvert Island pack has found a veritable smorgasbord this spring—an all-you-can-eat buffet of squid and whale.

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The Spawning Squid Samba

A frenzy of flashing tentacles tornadoes next to the Calvert Island dock as tens of thousands of squid put on a sensual performance. So dim the lights and join us for Squid Sex 101.

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Evangelicals & Critical Race Theory

Evangelicals can’t do Critical Race Theory. There are 4 major problems and 5th issue of identity.

You can read two of the recent Evangelical responses in… 44 palabras más


Meaning of life

Guess all of us had this question inside us. Am I right?

The basic and most important question is “Why am I living for?”

This is the hardest question that a person can ask himself. 799 palabras más