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#TBT: Depeche Mode, Policy of Truth

March 19, 1990 was the day Depeche Mode’s Violator was unleashed upon the unsuspecting world.

Easily the band’s finest full length and the crown jewel in their collection, the album is from beginning to end brilliant. 101 palabras más

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Depeche Mode's Violator Turns 25

Teased with the (now) karaoke favorite “Personal Jesus”, Depeche Mode’s seventh full-length release, Violator, entered into the synthpop cannon 25 years ago this past week. 1.816 palabras más

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The Sweetest Perfection: Depeche Mode's Violator at 25

Depeche Mode’s classic album, Violator, turned 25 this past week and Doug submitted this tribute on his website. Read on! 1.193 palabras más


Alameda County Bans Skateboarding On County Property; Violators To Face Citations

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The county of Alameda voted Tuesday to ban skateboarding on all county property, allowing for violators to be cited.

The board met Tuesday to decide on the ordinance, and voted to approve it with four yes votes, and one counselor being excused. 7 palabras más


York Megan's Law violator arrested in California

HARRISBURG, PA. (WPMT)  A Megan’s Law violator formerly from York is arrested by U.S. Marshals in California.   David Burgen, 53, was convicted in July 1995, of Child Molestation in Arizona.  143 palabras más


ToS Stage 8

It was not without a sense of apprehension that I started today’s stage.

Revolver, Violator and Half is Easy. Stage 8 of the Tour of Sufferlandria 2015. 531 palabras más


Live in Berlin – Depeche Mode

Release Year: 2014

Rating: 8/10

Sometimes it’s hard for a band who’s been around as long as Depeche Mode to keep their live set exciting and vibrant. 768 palabras más