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Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance - Violator

Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance

“We declare our right on this Earth to be a human
Being, to be respected as a human being… 81 palabras más

Flashback: Depeche Mode's "Violator" turns 26 today

19.03.1990 is a date honored and celebrated by all devoted Depeche Mode fans, because on this date, the band released their seventh album “Violator”, which turned out to be an incredible critical and commercial success. 141 palabras más

Depeche Mode - Violator (1990)

One of those records that you should have no excuse to ever pass by. I got my copy secondhand for 50 cents, so what’s your excuse? 72 palabras más

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Life In Plastic: RETRO REVIEW: The Phlebiac Brothers (Toon Spawn)

In the Spawn Mythos, you have the Phlebiac Brothers, five “true demons” of Hell who report directly to Malebolgia, and make SPawn’s life hell. Violator, their leader, is in fact one of the series major villains. 446 palabras más


SWR Barroselas 2016 – Dia 3 [Reportagem + Galeria]


Último dia da XIX edição do SWR, que devido a outros compromissos, para nós começou com a actuação dos Severe Torture no Wonder Worders Abyss. 689 palabras más