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Vips takes up 100% in Starbucks Spain

The group closed a syndicated loan of 70 million to finance part of the repurchase

Grupo Vips has done it again with 100% of Starbucks Coffee Spain after repurchase the 49% holding in two years and then sell to the American multinational, as announced Friday the group chaired by Placido Arango. 313 palabras más

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What They Said, We Believed

There were people of great influence who died lately. Gifted men and women shared their passion in life and marked an unique road. Their songs and movies made our hearts leap from joy or despair. 93 palabras más

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The Express and Star treatment 

This week I have been given the privilege to gain some work experience at the Express and Star Wolverhampton, working with the various sectors and talking to people that work in the ‘business’. 995 palabras más

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A FantasyNut's Worst Nightmare : A Week 12 Reality as Big Names Fall

The excitement of Week 12 came with big plays and even bigger competitors, but unfortunately it brought along with it what many of you, my Fantasy Nut friends, may not be to happy to hear. 149 palabras más


A Historical Sunday & An Ending Era

It is no secret that both the Patriots, Tom Brady and his Bronco foe, Peyton Manning have made a name for themselves during their lengthy careers as quarterbacks for the National Football League. 127 palabras más


Tom On Top : Week 11 Fantasy Front - Runners

But First,


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