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Need Peace?

Judging from the problems I am hearing on a daily basis I would think that there is a great majority of us that are quite ready for a happy ending to all that is going on! 365 palabras más

We Have Lockdown...

Well it’s certainly been an odd few weeks since the initial outbreak of Covid-19, and now we’re on ‘lock-down’ everything in the world as we know it has changed dramatically. 146 palabras más

L O S T & F O U N D

A virus has taken over the world.  Sounds like a really dramatic first line to a horror film doesn’t it.  Only it’s not, as well all know too well.  1.008 palabras más

Day 18 - 52 Good Things

I went to the grocery store today and thanked every employee I talked to. One man responded with genuine appreciation. “Most people are just yelling at us because we are out of things” he said. 192 palabras más


His birthday

Another year towards three score years and ten? I’ve had a quiet day with him today. Is it true men get grumpier with age or is it just the current situation? 195 palabras más

Coronavirus Virus Came From

Coronavirus Virus Came From

Where did the new coronavirus come from? Most people will battle a mild coronavirus at some point, with strains of the pathogen being responsible for the common cold. 344 palabras más


Corona Virus Booklet

Don’t Do This At Home (…hold The virus in your hand…that is)!

by Mr. Schnell

This is a compilation of cartoons thrown together to make a booklet. 166 palabras más