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Visual Merchandising

Theme: Posh Punk

Theme: Santa Monica

Theme: Garden Party

Window display at Monica Quen. (for CNY)

Window display at Monica Quen (for CNY)

Style for CNY at Monica Quen.

Visual Merchandising

Family Fun Run

Riding on his Daddy’s shell, Terrence felt like he was flying.  The O’Hare family were not going to win this time!

Turtle with Baby, $8, Made in Peru by Manos Amigos.

Fair Trade


The 2nd best way to communicate complex information in a confined space—



Rap battles

Rap battles just weren’t the same on the nights DJ Dare decided to do his unplugged acoustic thing.

Bottle Cap Figurines, $16 each, made in South Africa by African Home

Fair Trade

All the fashionistas agreed

…Frank’s “real spectacle” look was going to be the new hot trend for fall.

Wooden Eyeglasses Rest, $20, made in India by Archana Handicrafts.

Fair Trade