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Hvordan lage gode salgsutstillinger

Hvordan lage gode salgsutstillinger?

Når du skal bygge opp gode salgsområder i butikken er det lurt å ha en plan. Tilfeldig plassering av varer gir fort et rotete og utstrukturert inntrykk. 350 palabras más

Consistency the key to success





Consistency should always take an important place in planning or implementing phases.

Being consistent means we are well prepared to surprises and unexpected turns as most of our actions go by plan those few that pop up outside our control will be easier handled if our mind has the chance to relax about the majority of process. 6 palabras más


Visual Merchandising offered on Fridays starting August 26th. Register now.

Fashi 1620-002 Visual Merchandising will be offered at College of DuPage on  Friday 9-1:50pm   If you are currently in Fashion 1105 or have not taken 1105, contact Sharon Scalise for a permit. 125 palabras más

College Of DuPage Fashion Studies

Blackboard Paint Ideas

We are at the stage of renovating the backroom into the pop up shop space so I really need to decide on the finishes and how the overall look is going to pull together. 228 palabras más

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Wegmans® Visually Merchandises With Sheaves Of Wheat

I suggest that you need not actually use sheaves of wheat to get this effect, but the visual merchandising ties perfectly with baked goods. Sheaves are bound all the more creatively with stands of plant fiber themselves. 765 palabras más

Store Fixtures


The beautifully styled interior makes shopping at Anthropologie a magical retail experience. The soft, mood lighting, aroma of scented candles and use of house plants give the store a homely feel. 456 palabras más