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There are so many things about owning a boutique that I love, and very near to the top of the list is getting crafty and creative with our window displays.   351 palabras más

Anthropologie Spring Windows 2015

How does color affect you? It has been known to change moods, movements, and even appetites. To tug on emotions and transform what we see as beautiful. 89 palabras más

Visual Merchandising

It'll Cost An Arm and A Leg

And that’s not much considering the cost of the full body mannequin!

Say you are looking at disposing of your mannequin or you just have extra bodies laying around in the stock room. 227 palabras más

I Need A Man

DIT Open Evening of Visual Merchandising Degree Course

We spent a wonderful evening in DITs new campus in Grangegorman where they were showcasing the work of their Visual Merchandising students.  What a fantastic building and facility! 231 palabras más