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Justice (Eastland Mall)

I feel like all the children’s windows all get the same message across. They’re all very bright and colorful typically. I’m only a little biased because walking past a Justice store gives me so much nostalgia. 74 palabras más


Express (Eastland Mall)

Menswear is something I haven’t taken a shot of, and most of the stores in Eastland were more merchandised for women. But Express almost ALWAYS displays the window with male and female mannequins, which makes me think of trying to match an outfit with my significant other (if he had the patience to shop with me). 88 palabras más


Charlotte Russe (Eastland Mall)

Let’s be honest: the mall is a ghost town as of late so I rarely ever pop in. But I do have a soft spot for Charlotte Russe. 147 palabras más


Mole Hole (Eastland Mall)

The Mole Hole sells a variety of brands most people in the area like, and has moved to a bigger location since its initial opening. Brands the sell like Simply Southern, Vera Bradley, Ivory Ella, etc., all sort of follow the same preppy aesthetic. 57 palabras más


Chinese New Year in Singapore.

On arriving into Singapore last Friday, Chinese New Year was in full array. With many retailers rising to the challenge of installing new window schemes there were also many creative installations on the streets and in the Shopping Malls to celebrate The year of the Dog. 16 palabras más

Triangle and Mothers Day

Windows for Foyles Flagship branch.

Promoting the Triangle by Jon Klassen and Mothers Day


Week 2

This week I tried to limit my shopping as I knew I had a expensive weekend ahead. I had semi-formal for my sorority so I patiently waited for my dress to arrive. 139 palabras más

Visual Merchandising