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Visual Merchandising For Photo Shoots

Not all fashion shoots take place in a photographers studio with a seamless paper backdrop. These can be dramatic and moody when you have the right kind of fashion – think high end, high price fashion – men’s or women’s. 469 palabras más

Visual Merchandising

Where Design and Dressing Collide: Albie Knows’ Take on Retail Spaces

While growing Albie Knows, I’ve also gotten a chance to work with online interior design platform Laurel & Wolf. 152 palabras más


My First Date with Visual Merchandising

So how I got into VM? I didn’t. VM got into me.

Ever since when I was a kid I knew I loved fashion. Didn’t know much about it, but I remember watching Michael Jackson’s and Whitney Houston’s videos and I felt drawn to that. 482 palabras más


Gucci: A Retail Marketing Success

As you know, I have been participating in an online program through Parsons School of Design and Teen Vogue. My latest assignment was to go to the mall and find a store display that I found especially compelling. 259 palabras más

Dette har dere lyst til å lese om!

Jeg spurte dere for litt siden om det var interessant å lese om utenlandske konseptbutikker jeg har besøkt – og jeg fikk et høyt og rungende JA. 203 palabras más

Second week

It’s been a little over a week since my last post. Hectic week, I might say. Still trying to balance my posting schedule, and I’ll eventually get to a point where I’m doing it on a regular basis, but right now I’m still in the process of learning. 128 palabras más


When Kate and Coach Merge Things May Become a Bit Prickly

If windows could talk…or perhaps they are.  What are these windows saying to you?


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