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Magnus Carlsen Can Still Win Norway Chess 2015

Magnus Carlsen has had a near unprecedented poor start to the 2015 edition of Norway Chess, with only 0.5 points after the first three games and 2 points behind joint leaders Topalov and Nakamura. 291 palabras más


Admire the Achievement not the Achiever

A few weeks back as I was talking to one of my college friends. He mentioned to me that he had visited our college the day before to attend the inaugural ceremony of an indoor stadium. 1.460 palabras más


Guntur girl makes her way in chess

Bommini Mounika Akshaya, a girl from Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh bagged two gold medals in the 16th ASEAN age-group chess championship in Singapore. The Guntur girl won seven points from nine rounds to pocket the gold in the under-12 girls segment, and added 150 points to her rating. 323 palabras más

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Attacking, Solid, Intuitive, Calm

Naturals are well-rounded players who seek a healthy initiative, remain in control of their emotions and follow their intuition rather than constantly looking for exceptions to the rules of chess. 125 palabras más


In Chess, variability in play Is not dumb luck

In a tense game in last year’s world chess-championship match, Magnus Carlsen made a huge mistake—an error so obvious to grandmasters that as soon as his hand left the piece, he saw it himself and paused nervously before writing down his move. 541 palabras más

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Zurich Chess Challenge - Hikaru Nakamura in Lead

US Grand Master Hikaru Nakamura is the lone leader in Zurich Chess Classic when he reached 2 and a half points.

He won over Russian Sergey Karjakin in 27 moves of and English opening simétric. 61 palabras más

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