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Italian Meatballs in Tomato Vodka Cream Sauce

November 29, 2015
So yesterday, David was at work on a last minute shift. I was at home thinking it was time to post a proper “savoury” blog post. 407 palabras más

Holiday Meal 101

Everyone expects to put on a few pounds around the holidays. But for the past 3 years I have managed to maintain my weight while still indulging in the delicious meals, treats and of course drinks. 245 palabras más


Thanksgiving Staycation

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Vigor Classic Vodka - 7.5/10

“… the best selling Croatian vodka…”

Vodka: Vigor Classic Vodka by Badel
Country of Origin: Croatia
Produced from: Grain
% Vol: 37.5

is very, very light and cool in its smell.

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3 Mistakes About Drinking Vodka in Britain

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Consuming vodka is a ritual with a historical background. No-one has the rights to refashion this wonderful ceremony. So, let me introduce this culture to you and explain what crime do the Brits commit when drinking this Gods beverage. 577 palabras más


Rated R Reviews: Art in the Age

Here on Rated R Cocktails we are first and foremost a Tiki cocktail publication. I always tell people though one of the biggest ways to be better at making Tiki cocktails is to keep tasting new things. 1.191 palabras más



– 1 cup vodka
– 1 cup apple brandy
– 1 bottle sparkling cider

Mix and garnish with sliced red apple.