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Do Objects Look Different After We Learn Their Value?

On the table in front of you is two bottles of vodka: one bottle is Greygoose Vodka and the other, Tesco-branded Vodka. It doesn’t take a seasoned drinker to quickly realise that the bottle of Greygoose is more ‘valuable’ of the two. 1.210 palabras más


Tangerine Martini

Ideas for cocktails can come from your own garden. There are three large tangerine trees in our home garden that grow tiny sour tangerines. These are great to mix with anything – make jam, juices, smoothies etc. 47 palabras más

Easy To Cook

Vodka Cream Pasta

Pasta is a fun and easy dish that can be made in a million different variations. You are free to add any vegetable, sauce, or protein that suits your needs! 578 palabras más

Days Since Break-Up: 2

Current Mood: Why Don’t You Love Me- Beyoncé

Against my better judgement and the advice of loving friends, I decided that I am going to stay in my pajamas today- not leave the bed and Google various things like: 435 palabras más

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