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So, I failed at the daily blog posts with the challenges.
Are you still reading these? Shall I continue? I was doing so good.

It’s because I ended up having a GNO this past Saturday and didn’t get home until 3 am. 123 palabras más


A New Rub on the Shrub & the Heirloom Tomato Cocktail

Cocktail Shrubs and flavored drinking vinegars have gained popularity over the past few years.   They are a concoction based on fresh fruits, boiled down in sugar and then dosed with liberal amounts of vinegar.  501 palabras más

Clever Cocktails


Two thirty-year old friends secretly drinking vodka at home.

Yes, we exist.

Fire Driver

“Fire Driver Recipe”

~Hello guys one day my friends and I when to the beach and they ask me what I can make for them with just the ingredients they bring that was Orange Juice, Fire Ball and Vodka so for those who want a nice drink with this ingredients~ 24 palabras más


27: Sunday Bloody Sunday

Carrie (1976)

In this weeks episode we delve back into the wonderful world of Stephen King with the 1976 classic Carrie. We try to stay on topic, but like usual, it doesn’t last very long.  92 palabras más