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Bar Eighty-One

It started off with one, innocent enough, I thought. Then it blossomed into a full blown love affair..

Where have you been all my life?.. Cosmopolitan.


Cocktails on a Calorie Budget

Memorial Day Weekend is here and it’s a bitter-sweet time of the season. Besides honoring our fallen soldiers, Memorial Day weekend is the dawn of summer. 147 palabras más


Belgium shares first place with France at a Russian vodka event

The vodka brand Mamont Vodka hosted a culinary competition in Moscow on Tuesday night, challenging chefs from across Eurasia to capture the essence of the vodka’s Siberian heritage in a food and cocktail pairing. 109 palabras más


Skinny Witch and Parmesan Crisps

Whether you’re celebrating the fact it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, school half term, that we’re half way through GCSE exams or just that its Friday I think it’s time for a treat!   476 palabras más


Citrus Fruit, Summer Berries and Herb Ice

A quick solution to giving a bit of fruit or herb flavour to your vodka tonic, prosecco or chilled water this summer.

Simply, slice of some your favourite fruits and herbs in to small pieces (raspberries, blueberries etc can be left whole) and arrange them in  an ice-cube tray. 35 palabras más


What we learned from an 'Epic' tasting...

It started in a pub, as many good ideas do.

Ask a few of our network to come and taste some interesting, unusual and highly regarded food and drink (well, mainly drink) at our barn/shop. 390 palabras más

Food And Drink

Dig in my heels

I’ve been doing nothing but sleeping since I got back home. Seriously. 13 hours here. 4 hours there. Another 11 and I am sure more to come this morning once my coffee wears off. 359 palabras más