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Ingwer mit Schuss

Ein Hoch auf Ingwer – die Heilpflanze des Jahres 2018! Die Ingwerwurzel ist gesund, antioxidativ, enzündungshemmend, regt Magensaft, Speichel und Galle an. Vitamin C, ätherische Öle, das volle Programm. 148 palabras más


Buy Vodka Online and Prepare Moscow Mule – The Trendiest Cocktail

Vodka is an amazing drink that instantly makes your mood up and gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Vodka lovers have come up with many ways to enjoy the drink justifying the glamour of the name. 359 palabras más

Mission Liquor

When The Soviet Union Paid Pepsi In Warships

In April 9, 1990, American newspapers reported on an unusual deal. Pepsi had come to a three billion dollar agreement with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had long traded Stolichnaya vodka in return for Pepsi concentrate. 71 palabras más

United States

The Red Eagle Distillery an Authentic Distillery in the Heart of Wine Country

The Red Eagle Distillery In Geneva Ohio was opened in 2012 as one of the first legal whiskey distilleries in the state of Ohio since prohibition. 318 palabras más


Vodka and the End of an Empire

Vodka has a history unlike any other alcohol. It not only is a fine drink it is responsible for bringing down an empire.

Vodka was the drink of choice for Russians in the late 20th century. 345 palabras más


Who needs a holiday to enjoy a great martini! Well, if you do, this one is perfect for Valentines Day. The ruby red color, yet refreshing flavors make this a winter cocktail to sip on all night long!! 186 palabras más


Zubrowka Bison Grass Wodka

It isn’t often that you get to taste something that you never imagined could exist, but that is exactly what happened with me and the Zubrowka Bison Grass Wodka back in October in Brussels. 53 palabras más