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Blackberry Vodka


Blackberry vodka, yes please!

More foraging escapades for ya….

To make yours, you’ll need two bottles, one with a swing top, and some muslin.  141 palabras más

Climate Kind Eating

The diet made me do it

Well that’s what I’m telling myself this morning! Much less syns than beer…. Not a good idea. Feeling it this morning.


Bar Confidence, The Game. Part 1

I recently find myself heading to bars by myself frequently. Never thought I would be that person to do such thing but in reality I have no one to go with but I want to try out different places. 942 palabras más


Cucumber Meets Salad

I was recently suckered into purchasing a pickling cuke. No hard feelings, as I turned it into an amazing summer drink. I still, however, had half of it staring at me every time I opened my fridge. 118 palabras más

Kitchen Adventures

Fun Mixed Drinks That Are Just Vodka and Water

Wooooo! TGIF baby! It’s the freakin weekend and it’s time to get your mother effin drink on. 208 palabras más


Preserving Pears

In the backyard of my father-in-law’s house are two pecan trees, which produce a boat-load of pecans each year, and a pear tree. However… we have a constant squirrel problem: they steal all of the pears and pecans, pick them, realize they aren’t ripe yet, and then throw them on the ground. 433 palabras más


Vodka Skull B&W

I usually forget to join Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness posts, but not this time!

This skull is filled with vodka and it’s pretty cool.

Do you want to see the colour version of this? 24 palabras más