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A Still Morning

The people across the road have a still and this morning are making 70 liters of grape vodka to sell st the market. I know it is good because after breakfast I went over to test the product. 49 palabras más


5 Alcohol Drinking Habit That Can Boost Your Health

Whether it’s at a glass of wine after-work happy hour, or partying on your birthday or even a beer with dinner, many of us enjoy a drink often a time. 278 palabras más

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Dangerous Passion #4

Guys, Dangerous Passion Episode 4. Don’t forget to drop comments. To refresh your memories, here are the 1st three episodes of Dangerous Passion.

Tania had facial scrub plastered on her face when she pulled the door open. 4.555 palabras más

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Night Out

Whether we are drinking or not, alcohol remains a potent part of our lives. Our culture is saturated with it, steeped in it. Drinking is one of those hot-button topics. 254 palabras más


BAYOU™ Rum, KAH® Tequila, Stoli® Gluten Free | სიმონე ბოდინის მასტერკლასი

Stoli Group-ის ბრენდების ელჩმა ევროპაში, სიმონე ბოდინიმ ქართველი ბარმენებისთვის ორდღიანი მასტერკლასი გამართა. პირველ დღეს მან ისაუბრა elit® Ultra Luxury Vodka-სა და  elit® Art of Martini Tbilisi 2017-ის კონკურსზე. 42 palabras más


This vodka costs how much?

When it comes to the finer things in life and the lengths some people will go to impress others we thought we had seen it all before. 171 palabras más