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Phuket, it's Sunday Morning!

Phuket, it’s Sunday Morning!


2 oz. Vodka
10 oz. Thai Bloody Mary Mix
Sriracha sauce to taste

Build in a 16 oz. pint glass filled with large ice cubes. 695 palabras más


Lemon- and vanilla aroma

2 small bottles | vodka | 1 lemon | 1 vanilla pod

Peel the outer layer of the lemon, make sure not to use the white, and put into one bottle. 28 palabras más


Classy Cosmopolitan

Sometimes I crave the classic simplicity of a Cosmopolitan. This drink has many ownership claims, and is probably a modern adaptation of a traditional Daisy or Kamikaze cocktail. 213 palabras más

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Summer Replay: Just Why Is The Sauna So Important To Finns?

In this episode I speak to Jaakko and Martti Koskenkorva about the most recognisable Finnish word in the world, Sauna. I visited them at Koskenkorva Trahteeri… 425 palabras más
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Too Sweet

Today was an epic dental day for our little familia. One kid went to have two of his FOUR “abrasions” (aka cavities) cleaned and sealed, and my nearly six year old had a cleaning all while the dog was having his teeth cleaned. 704 palabras más

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​Boozy Mango & Vanilla Milkshake


1 Mango cut into slices

8 scoops vanilla ice cream

½ cup vanilla-flavored vodka

¼ cup orange liqueur

1. Cut the mango into small slices and blend it in a blender to make a pulp… 41 palabras más

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Thought Processes...

Sometimes I feel as though my life should be a reality show… Because it is somewhat pointless, involves a good amount of alcohol, and is definitely entertaining! 974 palabras más