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Dr. Strangefoods

(Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the potluck)

One of the first indicators that I would have a rocky relationship with the Mennonite Church was surely my early abhorrence of the venerable institution known as the… 851 palabras más

The Drunken Mennonite

Bimber Distillery Tasting Notes

Bimber Oak Aged Vodka 42%

Wheat based spirit. Quadruple distilled.

Tasted: Apr 2016

The nose is quite oily with dried fruit and taught vanilla. Gently spiced with toffee and a light herbal graininess. 221 palabras más


Masons of Yorkshire Tasting Notes

Masons Vodka 42%

Tasted: Apr 2016

Fresh and slightly wheaty nose with a hint of citrus.

The palate is soft, creamy an fuller than the nose. 15 palabras más


Seven Survival tips to completing the 12-hour challenge in the worst nightclub in Britain:

Within Southampton there is the palace of dreams called Jesters, or more correctly it is the worst nightclub in Britain. It was originally the second worst, yet the original worst club burnt down, so I guess that gives a good indication as to what this place is like. 1.358 palabras más


Sauvelle Vodka 'La Nuit' Launch

After its launch last year, we are beginning to recognise the Sauvelle brand in bars across London – in a city dominated by gin, vodka is determined to make a comeback. 429 palabras más

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