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Blueberry Infused Vodka

As soon as I saw the post on The Kitchn about infusing vodka with fruit, I knew I had to try it. Vodka is my spirit of choice, and usually for flavored varieties I buy Smirnoff, but I wanted to try my own. 623 palabras más


Pick my brain!

It’s finally Saturday! I wanted to let you inside my mind and give you 3 pieces of advice that I live by. (the following are my opinions, you can hate them or love them, i choose love but whatever bakes you cake!) 227 palabras más

The price of vodka

Vodka is big in Russia. It’s not just some stereotype; it really is very widely drunk. Almost every time I go to the supermarket I’ll see someone buying a bottle of vodka. 720 palabras más

St Petersburg

no one invited you smirnoff

last night we had wine with dinner
I love wine
I’m happy with a glass
or two but
last night I brilliantly thought Hey who wants a cocktail? 28 palabras más


Poland in Pictures: The Food

To me, a HUGE part a country’s culture is their food. I consider myself a big foodie and I see traveling as an opportunity to try as many new and different foods as possible! 638 palabras más

Taking a classic and adding a twist!!!

This week’s cocktail is going to be short, sweet, and to the point! Yes, I’m still down in Florida, and yes, it’s “hot as the blue blazes”, as my Mama would say. 1.089 palabras más

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