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Last Saturday Night By GL 

A recap of my last night –

“Pictures up last night! It was all a blur, yeah I think we broke the law… Ah oh well… ” – Last Friday Night…

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Waiting for tonight. 

Boujie pup plus Crystal Head Vodka equals total cuteness.

Purely Boujie

Stolichnaya using Twitter to sell heavy alcohol

No mention of alcohol. No health warning

Alcohol a leading cause of cancer and liver disease


Ideology of love?????

What is it about the ideology of “love” that makes us throw all sense of proportional logic out the window? Hanging on to the rot for the sake of some ill gotten gain? 258 palabras más

My Thoughts

We cun our beings with these bottles of lies and lustful shame,

Promises broken and desires untamed.

We clench them tighter as ever before,

And rise higher demanding more.

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Lamb cutlets and Bok Choy.

Don’t ever make the mistake of calling lamb cutlets, lamb chops. There is a big difference. We used to like both and didn’t really mind one above the other and never were guilty of bias when it came to eating lamb. 520 palabras más

Gerard Oosterman