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The beginning.

I was a baby. Born with a vulva and an expectation of greatness.

I was my mother’s possession. She wanted the world to think SHE had the cutest, smartest, funniest child in this planet. 112 palabras más

In A Man-Man Love

Would love be, such a chicanery
A poser, for sundry smitten souls
And lovemaking, blue-penciled spree
A charade of, two rehearsed roles!

How abstract, is that passion’s creed… 73 palabras más


Catholics and Vaginas

Disclaimer: if you’re offended by women talking openly about sex and masturbation, maybe this isn’t the place for you.

Growing up Catholic is a thing, ladies and gents. 314 palabras más


Cunning linguist enters banged-up Volvo

EUGENE, OR—Saying that he felt too cold to be out in the snow, a cunning linguist gained entrance into a woman’s Volvo.

“I was just so tired from drawing Venn Diaphragms of eggcorns all day that I decided I had to take a break in someone’s old banger, so I saw her and thought, sure, a 40-year-old Volvo would do,” said Professor Richard Anderson. 98 palabras más


"Cheer! For Pansies And Pussies: Virtue Through Vulgarity"

Lyricise – “Cheer! For Pansies And Pussies: Virtue Through Vulgarity”

Pussy is delightful,
Pussy is indelible,
Pussy is a delectabe treat … that can’t be beat! 115 palabras más

Writings From An Omnistyler

Learning, talking vaginas and Jonny

ay one of the Influencing Change course. It was so exciting to feel excited about it all again. And to distill my ideas down into something more focused. 51 palabras más

Love.. Your Vulva

Say it with me…VULLLLVA

It’s not a dirty word.

We always hear the word vagina when the female sexual organs are referred to.

Poor Vulva is missing out on the fame and being poorly represented. 520 palabras más