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Vulva Bun

Vulva bun and I here to remind you to get your annual Well-Woman’s Exam! It’s an exam for all bio-sex female-bodied persons! And it’s free ( 236 palabras más

Affordable Care Act


Hey guys sorry for not posting on Friday, I got busier than expected. Hopefully I should be able to keep to schedule from now on… 333 palabras más


25 Little-Known Facts About Vaginas

1. Fear not—it’s only a hole.

Technically, the "vagina" is a hole surrounded by the rest of the female genitalia, which includes the vaginal muscles, the cervix, the uterus, the labia, and the clitoris. 826 palabras más

Vulva Basics

Vulvas: Most of us have them, but not many of us necessarily know all that much about them (although we kind of have an advantage over our heterosexual sisters in this regard, don’t we?). 355 palabras más


Stuff About Vaginas.

Not a lot of words hold power like “vagina.” People think it’s obscene, gross, uncomfortable. But people sure like to talk about them. With things like… 351 palabras más

Gender, Genitals, and Urination- Dispelling the Falsehoods

Ever heard the myth that all (cis) men can pee standing up and all (cis) women cannot? Yeah, me too.

In fact, I have heard so much about it, from men and from women, I thought I would scour the internet and even do some personal research (which included successfully disproving the myth several times, in multiple types of clothing). 11.663 palabras más

Articles In English

10 Wonderful Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Vaginas

Vaginas are wonderful, curious organs that bring life. Complex in nature and incredibly strong. Did you for instance know that the clitoris alone contains about 8000 nerve endings? 33 palabras más