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Barbie's vulva not medically optimal way to address yoga-pants-camel-toe conundrum

The New York Post is reporting that women in New York are getting labiaplasties to look and feel better in tight athletic wear. They quote a patient, Veronica R., as wanting to “look like Barbie.” 555 palabras más

Body Image

Why YOU need to get a pap smear!

One thing that so many same-gender attracted women (especially lesbians) fail to do is keep up with regular pap-smears or, in some cases, get them at all. 665 palabras más


My New News Format Proposal

Boss says we go nekkid, by golly we’ll go full bore nekkid. Con Gusto!

Below is a screen grab from my own personally-financed, staffed and cast production of a 2 hour News Extravanaganza pilot episode, now showing to… 51 palabras más

Latinas Are Twice As Likely to Suffer From Vulvar Pain

Genital pain for women is rather uncommon, but a recent study published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology found that Latinas are nearly twice as likely to suffer from vulvar pain or vulvodynia… 497 palabras más

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Vulva/Vagina Venn Diagram

I’m sick of people forgetting the poor vulva and referring to everything in the female lower reproductive tract as vagina.

To help people sort it out I have created this Venn diagram. 163 palabras más


Womb Woman!

Dateline Auckland- Transactivists in Vulva Cupcake Spat!  This is not the first time I’ve heard this kind of thing. Some transactivists go snakey about women’s reproductive organs. 122 palabras más