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Vutch- Vulva Sketch

Using Sketchpad 5.1

Misogyny in the NHS stopped me getting help for vulval pain

10 months after being diagnosed with unprovoked vulvodynia and being told emphatically that there was nothing visibly wrong with my vulva, I’ve just come out of my referral with a consultant gynaecologist. 635 palabras más


Licking, reading and vulva posting

The face licking battle on the sofa.

He bought me Mary Beard’s Women and Power book.

Having almost 2,500 likes on my latest Instagram post. That’s so many more than I’ve ever had!

Kiss Me

Kiss Me
8 x 10″
Copic Marker; colored pencil; ballpoint pen

Model: Unknown

By Morgan Faulkner

Vulvas, a walk and finally telling them

Photos of me and mum wearing my vulva t-shirts.

A beautiful, sunny walk with them.

Telling them all about Body of Women. A big moment and it went well. 38 palabras más

Cooking together, pizzas and nan chat

A day of cooking all together. I made vulva mince pies. Obvs.

Pizza oven pizzas for Christmas Eve dinner. Sitting out by the fire with dad and Ben was lovely. 25 palabras más

Have yourself a naughty little Christmas

If there’s a choice between being “naughty or nice”, I think we all know which one I’ll choose. So, when I heard about the Naughty Christmas Market, 782 palabras más