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How High Is Your V.I.Q. (Vaginal Intelligence Quotient)?

Andrew Siegel MD  6/17/2017

You may know your I.Q., but do you know your V.I.Q.?  Let’s begin with a test of your knowledge of lady parts and determine your “Vaginal Intelligence Quotient” or V.I.Q.   1.350 palabras más

Andrew Siegel MD

Making a disease from a remedy: Trotula and vaginismus

Here’s a particularly fine case of Bad History, showing that while it’s bad enough to modify an ancient text to make it into a precursor of a modern condition, it’s even worse to misread a remedy as a symptom in order to make a historical text do what you want it to do! 1.310 palabras más


Vulvas and Testicles and Penises, Oh My!

Look, while we are on the topic of “down there” I feel like it’s time for me to learn you about what actually IS down there, how it was made and how it works. 1.174 palabras más



Big eyes
poisoned by flesh, cocks bent, boom, bang, dead.
Seeking pleasure is not any use in screams.
If I had a pussy, I would never share it with a man like me. 18 palabras más


Bacterial Vaginosis: One Woman - not the first, not the last, but alone.


The Harpy blog article posted in April is one of a few that have recently caught my attention (perhaps because of my own experience with vulval health) which have addressed the naïvety surrounding women’s sexual health care. 2.199 palabras más


Quiet vulva days, Hannah hugs and a fire

A day off, spent quite quietly again, doing things that needed to get done. Taxes, cleaning, sorting. Sending photographs of my vulva to feminist artists to make body positive artwork. 27 palabras más