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Vulvæ in pornography and culture

I was in a discussion recently on the effects of “porn culture” on young boys and girls. I went back and forth a bit with a debater, until she mentioned the rising rates of labiaplasty, … 737 palabras más


Hail to the V: What's Your Pussy Persona?

What is it about the vagina that makes people feel so uncomfortable? Is it because it’s neatly tucked out of sight? (Kind of like the out of sight, out of mind mentally.) Or is it because somewhere along our history, someone decided the Vagina is unworthy of honorable mention. 785 palabras más


Brief Introduction To Oral Sex

If one thing is satisfactory about sexual encounters this is oral sex. So we decided to post an introductory article (dedicated to youngsters) with information about oral sex that you will find useful and maybe fun. 320 palabras más

Women's Sexual Life

The Female Orgasm

For the most part, men have a much easier time achieving orgasm. This is largely because their sex organs are on the outside and are easily accessed. 995 palabras más


Wonder Women part. 1

I’ve been involved in some unusual things in my time, but this is definitely up there. Off the back of a Body Positive Group I’m a part of on Facebook, I responded to an unusual ad requesting the donation of some vaginas for a vagina shrine (“Vashrina”) for a pro-woman art piece to be displayed at… 457 palabras más


FAQ: The Vagina

The vagina. Pussy. Twat. Cunt. Kitty. Snatch. Box. Fuckhole. Flower. Bearded clam.

It’s an enigma wrapped in a paradox underneath a blanket of questions. So I went on Whisper and said I would answer any questions about the vagina. 867 palabras más


Anmerkung zu 35. Kap./1 * (Kosmische Begattung) -- Der Schoß der Natur

Dieser Beitrag bezieht sich auf mein Magic of Natur Blog, siehe hier und hier.

Am 6. Januar 2017 besuchte ich die Ausstellung “Hinterm Vorhang” im Düsseldorfer Kunstpalast. 33 palabras más