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Work, vaginas and Prahmas

I got a day’s work tomorrow! So glad I asked.

Set up a vagina tshirt shop. Got five orders already. Check it out.

Prahmas. All the food, all the present and, randomly, all the singing.

Vulva Art: Wacana Genitalia Perempuan melalui Artivisme di Instagram


Pada era digital seperti sekarang, Instagram dimanfaatkan sejumlah seniman sebagai galeri visual tempat mereka mengekspresikan gagasan, perasaan, maupun pengalaman. Berbagai wacana dimungkinkan untuk diangkat, termasuk wacana-wacana yang mulanya terpinggirkan dalam kehidupan… 5.221 palabras más

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Vulva, the 90's and Corinne

Sewing a vulva

Watching Dawson’s Creek

Having a couple of coffees with Corinne

Two reasons why looking at your vagina is key to improving your sex drive.

It’s one of the VERY FIRST things that Emily Nagoski’s “Come as you are” book recommends. And she’s the expert, so its possible that its pretty important. 616 palabras más



THE little tree is life
the mouths of first born
man and woman say:

“I don’t care — I(can’t
)won’t so go away go away… 119 palabras más


Vulvodynia Update: What am I Supposed to Do?

Since my diagnosis of vulvodynia (which I wrote about in April) my situation has unfortunately continued to deteriorate. Each time it has felt like there has been some progress my positive feelings are swiftly shattered. 1.098 palabras más