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On Saturday, I posted a photograph for my weekly #SinfulSunday entry. Sinful Sunday, run by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss is a platform to share and celebrate body and sex positive pictures. 801 palabras más


Dear Washington Post, the "Vagina" is here to Stay!

by Sora Leigh

In a recent op-ed, Phoebe Maltz Bovy, author of “The Perils of Privilege,” is ruffling feathers.

While perhaps I could have tolerated a piece entitled  890 palabras más


Period Party 💖

The Period Party! Everything about it was just so amazing! The unexpected friends, the love, the laughter, the vulvas, the glitter, the donations and the pub quiz. 42 palabras más

Gliterus, man hugs and horny at work

Getting the Pin the Clit on the Vulva through the post by the fantastic Jo Harrison. Complete with vagina on the tube and a Fanny Power card inside! 33 palabras más

New shirt, favourite vulva and getting back on track

Wearing my new shirt to work.

Getting this beautiful embroidered vulva in the post. Ready to be won at my Period Party. Alongside a beautiful note from the artist. 22 palabras más

Like before, my perfect dad and the river

Lunch in the garden in the sun. Just like we always used to.

Going shopping for the Period Party. Dad rummaging in a basket of stamps to find a V stamp to use as entrance stamp. 25 palabras más