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The Bits About YOUR Bits- Vulva Edition

WARNING this post talks about genitalia and contains non pornographic pictures of vulva. If you are in a space where you dont want people to see that come check it out later. 909 palabras más

Sex Ed

Bea: #23

“I used to shave because I thought that’s what my partners would want. Now I love being unshaven. Sometimes my partner or I will get a hair in each other’s mouths during sex, and I secretly think it’s great. 21 palabras más


Cleo: #22

“I waxed my vulva for years, because I like the feel of a bald pussy. However, I became conscious of a high Femme, fifties aesthetic, which, embraced a classist/racist construction of ‘imperialist Femme’. 65 palabras más


In Love All Things Are Beautiful - How to Lighten Up About Body Image

While I don’t have much body shame compared to some people, I have enough that at times, it has held me back from doing what I want to do. 451 palabras más


Carson: #20

“I both love and don’t love my pubic hair. It makes me feel sexy  – and self-conscious. Grown up  – and insecure. Clean – and dirty. 40 palabras más


Some myths and rumors pt 1

So I took a poll of my facebook friends to see what kinds of myths and rumors they had heard about sex. Some of these are absolutely hilarious, some are downright scary! 825 palabras más

Are vulvas beautiful?

“Mum. Can I have this flower?” I look at my daughter as she points to a pendant. “It’s pink!” she adds trying to persuade me to get it for her. 194 palabras más

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