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The Clitoris: What’s Under The Hood?

Andrew Siegel MD 5/7/16

The clitoris is a complex and mysterious organ possessed by all female mammals. Many men (as well as a fair share of women) are clueless (“uncliterate”) about this curious, unique and fascinating structure. 1.538 palabras más

Andrew Siegel MD

Issue 12

Wednesday comes round quickly, doesn’t it? “Comes”, hehehe. Sorry. The We Hate Words team currently has a one-track mind and we’re being all dirty and rude and innuendo-filled as the climax (fnar) builds to… 328 palabras más

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F4TF #20 - Lady Parts

Last week we asked how important penis size is to you.

This week we are flipping it and talking about the lady’s bits and bobs: 139 palabras más


review about German Smell Fetish Scents

FR – Alors, comme je suis curieux, je vous livre mon teste unique en français..
L’odeur est spécial, ça semble être plus sérieux en terme de parfum fetishiste. 109 palabras más


Things Your Vagina Does Not Appreciate

If you stop and think about all of the miraculous things your vagina does for you, you might realize how much ought to take care of it. 455 palabras más

OMGYes: Wanking Reviews

Drawing by Ella Milburn

The website OMGYes has combined the wisdom of over 2,000 women aged 18-95 to pull together techniques from the first ever large-scale research about the specifics of women’s pleasure. 1.596 palabras más


A Clitoral Ode

Oh, clitoris! Oh, wishbone of wonder!!
How hast thou been so misunderstood?!?!
So many have disavowed your pow’rs,
so many ignored what’s under your hood. 136 palabras más