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TOM maxipads claim to convert water to oxygen and hydrogen for vaginal health. As an OB/GYN I say that's a bad idea!

A new type of menstrual pad hopes to break into the American market. They are called TOM and that stands for either The Oxygen Movement or Time Of the Month depending I suppose on which demographic the company is trying to reach. 1.012 palabras más

Lasso Of Truth

A vulva by any other name, is still a vulva.

When I was at school, my mum told me that I could tell her anything and ask her anything.  Pretty progressive for a mum in the 80s eh?   1.016 palabras más

Buttons That Have Been Pushed Recently!

Gwyneth Paltrow is still steaming her vagina for $wellness. She's still wrong. Here's why.

In an interview with The Cut non gynecologist, Gwyneth Paltrow extolled the virtues of “vagina” steaming for wellness or something called “swellness.”


It’s this abuse of the term wellness that bothers just as much as the idea of “vagina” steaming. 898 palabras más


A Sexuality Question 

It seems that some (not all, but a great deal of) straight people fear each other’s genitals. It’s such a strange phenomenon to me as a bisexual person. 328 palabras más

Late Night Ramblings

Taking Care of Your Vaulva! 

Rinse with water regularly… :)

It’s seriously that simple. How cool is that? :) Rinse with water regularly… so that means no need to use Summer eve sensitive wash, or that organic/special hypoallergenic soap (and in some cases those actually cause bad odors. 483 palabras más


The Clitoris: What’s Under The Hood?

Andrew Siegel MD 5/7/16

The clitoris is a complex and mysterious organ possessed by all female mammals. Many men (as well as a fair share of women) are clueless (“uncliterate”) about this curious, unique and fascinating structure. 1.538 palabras más

Andrew Siegel MD

Issue 12

Wednesday comes round quickly, doesn’t it? “Comes”, hehehe. Sorry. The We Hate Words team currently has a one-track mind and we’re being all dirty and rude and innuendo-filled as the climax (fnar) builds to… 328 palabras más

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