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How To Be Empathic

There is nothing more important in civilized life than empathy.  By empathy and being empathic, I mean putting yourself in another person’s shoes.

It’s when conflict rears its ugly head that empathy is most needed.   370 palabras más


What I pack for a Disney day! 🎒

After many years of going to Disney (my entire 25 years of life to be exact) I have come up with a list of items that I always bring with me. 243 palabras más


Don't be afraid of thrift shops! 😳

Dear Disney Fans,

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CHECK THRIFT STORES FOR DISNEY MERCH! I will be the first person to admit that I normally do not think of visiting thrift stores and consignment shops instead of going places like Target first. 243 palabras más


Best Stores for Adult Disney shirts!👚👕

When it comes to Disney merch, there are a lot of options for children. You can find some sort of Disney related item in almost any children’s section at almost any store. 530 palabras más


Free Disney Family Image

Build Your Disney Family is back. You can build a stick image that represents your Disney vacation plans. Follow the above link to the Disney Parks website. 19 palabras más

Walt Disney World

March 25

March 25, 1954 – Walt Disney Wins Four Academy Awards

On March 25, 1954, the 26th Academy Awards were held at the RKO Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, California. 70 palabras más

Beauty and the Beast: Movie Review

The moment I found out that this movie was being made into a live action version, my inner child squealed! Beauty and the Beast is THE Disney movie I grew up on and is and will forever be my all time favorite. 375 palabras más