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Walt Disney Treasure Rediscovered in Norway

The animated film “Empty Socks” was created in 1927 as Walt Disney’s first Christmas motion picture. (Photo: Walt Disney / National Library of Norway

The 1927-Disney film “Empty Socks” was considered a lost film until it appeared in the collection of the National Library of Norway in 2014. 510 palabras más


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It's truly amazing the things you find in Norway! ThorNews brings us a fascinating little tidbit of a major piece of cinematic and cultural history that was recently unearthed in a Norwegian film library. It turned out to be none other than one of the earliest Disney cartoons, a forerunner of Mickey Mouse! I don't know where Thor finds this stuff but it's really interesting.

Vault Disney Pixar #15 - The Good Dinosaur

Original Release: November 25, 2015

Runtime: 100 Minutes

Directed By: Peter Sohn

Notable Actors: Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Sam Elliot, Anna Paquin, A. J. Buckley and Jeffrey Wright… 1.912 palabras más


Do Dreams Really Come True: Dog-gone right they do!

There may be no magic genie in a bottle but a dog can tell you that Walt Disney knew all too well that… “dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them”. 69 palabras más

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Illustrations From Walt Disney: An American Original

I picked up a copy of Walt Disney: An American Original in a bookstore at (of all places!) Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  It was not a “puff piece” but an interesting look into the life of a man whose creativity still impacts Americans — and people all over the world who seek entertainment — today.   641 palabras más

Disney 'holy grail' film 'Sleigh Bells' rediscovered

(CNN) — Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s most popular cartoon character and a staple of almost every childhood in the western world.

But, had a business deal gone differently, would Oswald the Lucky Rabbit — the first Disney character ever created — have been the star of Disneyland and present in every toddler’s toy collection? 333 palabras más


JM Barrie's Peter Pan & Wendy Darling | Shipwrecked

In which I ruin everyone’s childhood dreams by pointing out that Wendy Darling might actually be better off without Peter Pan. 184 palabras más