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Travelling to Disneyland Paris and Disney's Hotel Santa Fe


This might seem like a slightly excessive way to start a post, but this one little statement really does sum up my sentiments exactly. 1.938 palabras más

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The Force Is Strong with This Blu-Ray

It feels like yesterday that I was standing in line with my tub o’ popcorn, a gallon of soda, and fellow nerds-a-plenty for the first showing of… 501 palabras más


Lady and The Tramp

Guess what’s coming to a movie theatre near you?  Actually, a living room near you. Disney’s Lady and the Tramp!  I loved this movie when I was a little girl and haven’t actually had the chance to show my kids until recently, as it is taking it’s place in the Walt Disney Signature Collection  on February 27th in special Blu-Ray Multi-Screen Edition.   329 palabras más

Freebie Friday #30: Just a Touch of Evil

You know this already, but, dang it, I love all things Disney.  And, yes, that includes the many villains that Disney has to offer.  I’ve talked about my adoration for Disney villains at least… 293 palabras más

Freebie Friday

Coco | As Told By Emoji by Disney

Coco | As Told By Emoji by Disney

Subscribe to me here on Youtube! Miguel and Héctor go on an unforgettable journey through The Land of the Dead in the latest rendition of As Told By Emoji. 169 palabras más


The Disney Experience

My husband, daughter, and I just returned from a weekend soccer event at Disney World’s Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida. It was a warm, sunny weekend, our daughter’s team played well, and a good time was had by all. 442 palabras más

You & Disney history

My lovely friend Shelley sent me a buzzfeed article she thought would be perfect for my blog – and she was spot on! This quiz asks what month and date you were born on and tells you a piece of Disney history that is connected with that day. 735 palabras más