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Our Disneyland Paris 2016 Must-Dos!

By the time we visit Disneyland Paris on our September 2016 trip, it would have been almost two years since our last trip. That’s a very long time for us Disney Paris fans and we are already starting to get withdrawal pains! 730 palabras más

(#310) Plussing + Amplification = Authentic Quality

What can you do this week to plus a situation and amplify someone’s position?

Seasoned Improv players understand and regularly use the “Yes, And… 534 palabras más

Life Lessons

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone may be one of the hardest things any person filled with fear, anxiety, and doubt can do because you can’t help but think whether it’s worth taking the risk or not. 429 palabras más


Beauty of Nature

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”-Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco

SoCal has Disneyland and there’s Disney World in Orlando, Florida, but there is also The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.  The museum is located near the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and in Presidio Park.  50 palabras más


Alice Through The Looking Glass Wishlist

It has been six years since Disney released the live action Alice in Wonderland so it’s only fitting that on May the 29th we finally get to go Through The Looking Glass. 193 palabras más


Look for the, bare necessities

Disney are pretty much making live actions of all the old animations. Are they as good as their originals? Probably not but visually, they will be marvelous. 664 palabras más