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Arrow Season 4 Finale "Schism" Review

Arrow ends its roller coaster season with a safe episode that ends exactly like you’d expect.

Oliver Queen isn’t the only one being pulled back and forth from darkness and to the light. 636 palabras más

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'Me Before You' Aims to Take on Hollywood's Superhero-Heavy Slate

Warner Bros. was counting on two powerful men to storm the box office this year with “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but the studio just might find a bigger profit with a much smaller film — one that was written, directed, and produced by women and has a female lead. 1.779 palabras más


Nerd History (w/ Tom Elmore): The Complicated Connection Between Prince and Batman

The sudden and surprising death of Prince (born Prince Rogers Nelson 1958-2016) has led to numerous tributes and discussions about the man, his music and his influences on pop culture. 1.037 palabras más


Rumor: Warner Bros. Considering Several More 'Suicide Squad' Spin-Off Movies

So far, all signs are pointing to Suicide Squad being a big hit for Warner Bros. and DC Films. The trailers have created strong positive buzz, the film boasts a stellar cast, and it looks to be a unique entry in the comic book movie genre. 269 palabras más

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If Network Television Apologized...

“Write a post in response to today’s one-word prompt(APOLOGY)…”

Everyone just makes mistakes in their lives, and when they make those mistakes, they apologize; While this may not always be true in the world of network television, we would very much like to imagine just what would it be like if the great, big, wonderful world of network television had apologized for every incredible blunder that they had made over the years; Here are those that we would very surely like to see…

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Batman: Arkham Underworld - Soft Launched

Have you ever wondered what a DC take on Clash of Clans would look like? You probably haven’t, but we will tell you anyway. It would look like Batman: Arkham Underworld , the soft launched new game by Warner Bros. 232 palabras más

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Cinema Dispatch: The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys and all the images you see in this review are owned by Warner Bros Pictures

Directed by Shane Black

How amazing is it that on the cusp of a freaking Lethal Weapon television show premiering that Shane Black (the writer of the original film) has a new movie out in theaters just to show the futility of even TRYING to recreate what he did back in 1987?  1.887 palabras más

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