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Fangirling on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

So school has been stressing me out, so I decided to take the weekend and escape to my cousin’s house in SoCal.

As soon as I got to LA, I decided that I wanted to play tourist, and as I planned it, I realized that I really didn’t take advantage of living in LA when I did. 962 palabras más


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) 'Will We Die Just A Little' Review

Ever since the Harry Potter franchise ended I thought that was the end of the wizarding world, I was so disheartened and upset that the films that I grew up with, came to love where just to be no more, that was until it was announced, from the mind blowing creative mind of JK Rowling and director David Yates bring us a film entirely a world of its own yet still parallel to the witch craft and wizarding world of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Them (2016) the prequel of all prequels and that this prequel will be part of a five part series!! 684 palabras más


Man behind the Mask: Matt Reeves

For those that know me, I’m a huge Batman fan. I loved what Chris Nolan and Christian Bale had done for the on-screen adaptation of the character. 411 palabras más


La película de Nightwing empieza a tomar forma

Warner Bros ha decidido lanzarse al nuevo reto de realizar la primera película de Nightwing con Chris McKay como director.

THR ha informado que el director de “Batman la Lego película” … 303 palabras más


The DC Extended Universe and Bat-Problem

Batman is my favorite supehero of all time. But now I’m getting sick of Batman. The one issue that I’ve had with Warner Bros. is their over reliance on Batman. 428 palabras más

Warner Bros. Developing Nightwing Film With LEGO Batman's Chris McKay In Talks To Direct

The success of The Lego Batman movie is taking course critically and financially, but the live-action attempts for DC as of late have been troubling. It looks they’re going to take the fans advice and try out one of their animation directors to breathe some life into the DCEU by getting Chris McKay to eventually helm a solo… 241 palabras más