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Me Before You (After the Campaign Movie Review)

I’ll start off this review of Me Before You by admitting to something: I wasn’t prepared for how good the movie would be. Based on the… 460 palabras más

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'Justice League' Reshoots Are Reportedly Taking More Time Than Originally Planned

For a while we’ve known that Justice League is going under some reshoots under Joss Whedon’s supervision after Zack Snyder left production, but apparently there are some details that are making the reshoots a tad more difficult than they should. 457 palabras más


Questions after Bond 25 release date announcement

The official announcement that Bond 25 will be out in fall 2019 no doubt is spurring Bondologists to read it line by line for clues. 336 palabras más

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Happy Monday

And you thought “May the Fourth Be With You” was a big deal…

The annual gathering known as Comic Con occurred this past weekend and, once again, delivered to its fans (there in attendance and those watching online) an impressive pop-culture parade of entertaining celebrity interviews, immersive movie and television show experiences and premieres of new trailers for highly-anticipated films. 65 palabras más

The Lowdown: Who Is 'Justice League's' Steppenwolf?

The heroes of the DCEU will take on the .. of the world of Apokolips Steppenwolf, but who exactly is the Justice League Villain? 280 palabras más


Justice League Sneak Peek Reaction/Review

Well another Justice League trailer landed online this past week and there is so much to talk about! 560 palabras más


Why Ben Affleck Walking Away From Batman Would Be a Good Thing

Over the weekend, conflicting reports surrounding Ben Affleck’s Batman hit the Internet. On Friday, a source told The Hollywood Reporter that “the studio is working on plans to usher out Affleck’s Batman – gracefully, addressing the change in some shape or form in one of the upcoming DC films.” One day later, Affleck himself squashed those rumors while at San Diego Comic-Con, … 500 palabras más

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