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People Like Steven Do Who Don't Be Honest With Warner Bros DCEU Is The Reason We Never Get Changes

The DCEU partially when you think of Warner Bros had the roghest ride when it comes to quality meeting what everyone wants but the reason for that is not all due to Warner Bros not trying with the DCEU but more so because of people like Steven Do giving very neutral opinions on the DCEU that Warner Bros can not use to help in any shape or form; therefore for Warner Bros to make changes to the DCEU that will improve it’s quality would only happen if we can stop neutral opinionists like Steven Do from giving Warner Bros unhelpful advice but more so blunt advice on how the DCEU can be fixed and improve in quality that the movies deliver and this is not just for the DCEU only but can be for all movies Warner Bros release on a worldwide scale from now on to the future


Aquaman, Wan promises No Bubble Speech

James Wan came out today to clarify that some of the scenes in Justice League don’t represent what he is planning to do for Aquaman. He pointed out that they won’t need an air bubble to talk in his film, unlike what Snyder did with Mera and Arthur Curry in Justice League. 62 palabras más

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The Flash S04E07: Therefore I Am – Recap & Review

The fastest man versus the fastest mind alive meet face to face. Here is our review of The Flash’s seventh episode of its fourth season, titled… 939 palabras más

The Netflix Bin: "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure"

In “The Netflix Bin”, I scour the scores of real gems, awful crap and Nicolas Cage movies on the streaming service, and pick out whatever I want from it. 761 palabras más

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Jason Momoa Defends 'Justice League'

Through social media, review aggregation sites, and internet memes, Justice League has had some backlash due to the obvious reshoots and choppy editing within the film. 584 palabras más



I almost didn’t go to see the Justice League movie on opening day. It just wasn’t in me at the time. While everybody else was going crazy with anticipation for this movie, I was buried in a deep funk feeling almost cero interest in seeing it. 865 palabras más

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Will Disney's 'Coco' or WB's 'Justice League' Win the Thanksgiving Box Office?

Warner Bros.’ Justice League badly unperformed at the box office in its opening weekend with $94 million, well below the original $115 million or so projections… 385 palabras más