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“when spiderwebs unite, they can tie up a lion” – Ethiopian proverb

I accidentally stumbled upon this proverb while browsing books at Good Will, through the title of Shafik Asante’s book, … 55 palabras más

CCC51: The Wicker Spider

On Halloween Night the wicker spider weaves… a sticky web to catch the spirits on the breeze: Wicked imps and sneaky sprites, malevolent boggarts that give us a fright, streaming through the forest trees, rustling and hissing as they kick at the leaves. 33 palabras más


Spiders Are So Creepy!

Warning,: if you are weak of heart do not watch the last video!

Below is a picture of one variety of garden spiders (also known as writing spiders). 322 palabras más


Webs on Brown

Happy almost-Halloween (again)! I guess this was the closest I got to a halloween manicure this year, so here we go! Simple though it is. This did highlight for me how rarely I use brown glitter base polish for my nails…this is a 5 year old bottle of polish and it is basically unused! 76 palabras más

Nail Art


It was Spider Friday today.  Arachnophiles got a full hearing NPR’s Science Friday.  Click here for the podcast recording.

It should be noted that the spider biologists were predominately women, putting lie to an old cultural bias that females are supposed to be afraid of anything that could be a “creepy-crawly” with more than two legs. 161 palabras más

Natural History

Patch Gold

As October slips away I have made as many attempts as possible to get out and enjoy local birding highlights and have managed to do so alongside a local bird ringer. 424 palabras más